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Hilary Duff in Sims 2 Pets
Besides the brand new soundtrack which features well-known bands from all over the world, another celebrity will make her appearance in the Sims 2 Pets. Hilary Duff and her dog Lola will be available as download for the PC, PS2, GameCube and DS versions. In the PC expansion pack, you can download Hilary and Lola as a family from the official site, but only until the end of the year. Hilary will be a fully playable character like any other Sim. On the consoles Hilary won't be downloadable or unlockable, but she'll appear like any other Sim in the game, of course together with her dog. You can invite her over and teach Lola tricks to entertain party guests. On the DS edition Hilary and Lola can be found in the Central Park regularly. If you befriend her, Hilary might pop into your Pet Care Center so you can teach Lola new tricks, improve her health and make her happier in general. The PSP and GBA games will not feature Hilary and Lola. The artwork below was published aloing with the press release. You can also download a short trailer, in high and low quality. QuickTime required. Right click the links to download the videos.
Hilary Duff and Lola in the Sims 2 Pets

Written at 20:20 on Tuesday, 10 October 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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