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Sims 2 Pets Producer Videos
With the Sims 2 Pets just around the corner for PC and Consoles, Maxis has released two videos in which a producer goes through the basic features of the game. Read on for details about the videos.

Hunter Howe is on the PC expansion pack producer walkthrough. He starts off by showing Create a Pet, showing the real-life breeds in the game, and customising them further using the layers, archetypes and sliders for the fur and shape. Next is the in-game live mode, showing the genetics system first. Getting a new pet is discussed next, followed by the personality of pets, and how to control them and teach them to behave. After praising and scolding enough, your Sims earn new commands to control pets more directly. Hunter shows training pets to learn tricks, like play dead, next, followed by a brief explanation of the careers. Finally the strays are introduced, which results in a big fight. The 8 minute video comes in QuickTime format, in either low or high resolutions. Check out the videos page for links to play or download it.

For the consoles (PlayStation 2, GameCube and PlayStation Portable) it's producer Ben showing the game. Similar to the PC preview video, this one starts with the Console's Create a Pet. Customising the body, three layers of fur, and clothes; They're all in the game. After making a cat, a male Dalmation - a pretty unique one - is made as well. In the actual game, Linda plays with her pet dog Fondue, and teaches the dance trick. Sphinx the cat joins in and demands some attention as well. She's a bit doofus, and training shake proves to be hard. The horizon is shown, and every lot that's displayed there is an actual location. The town square (pet plaza) is also shown. You can buy accessories ranging from toys to treats for your pets. The more you shop, the bigger the stores will become, and the more Sims with their pets will come to town. After a game of fetch the demo is over. Note that this video shows the PlayStation 2 and GameCube versions only - the PSP one is similar according to Maxis, but of course has different graphics. The video is well over 7 minutes long, and can be played from this page. The download links point to the wrong video, so to download it please get it from our site following the links below.
Written at 20:24 on Tuesday, 10 October 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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