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Blog Updates: News and Downloads from Maxis
Several Maxoids update their blogs occasionally, and through those blogs they announce new features, uploads, and more. There's enough to read again, so please read more to see find out what some of the Maxoids have been up to lately.

The first one is MaxoidGrant, who has posted a new lot on the exchange. He has tried to replicate his apartment, which you can download from the exchange. MaxoidMoonBelly talks about Design Documents, and how expansion pack features are developed in the very beginning. A design document contains detailed descriptions of an object or feature, like in Pets what type of pet careers there are, how Pets get into a career, etc. Tuning is also an important part of the design document already. Read MaxoidMoonBelly's blog for more details. In September she also posted several entries about a big cubicle move at EA, the weather, customising Pets, and more. She's also posted six lots for you to download.

Then there's MaxoidMel, the community manager of Maxis, who has made a few small announcements regarding the website. First of all she says that fans who create their own custom content will get encouraged better in the future. This is mainly to address stolen content complaints. The SimMaster of the Month is also something that's back again, and in the near future Maxis may be doing some more with that, like a Q&A interview with each of them, as almost all current SimMasters have already been SimMaster of the Month already. Finally MaxoidMel also announces that the podcasts are about to make a return to the official site. More details are in MaxoidMel's blog.

MaxoidDrea gives some insight into a typical Maxoid's day of work. From the start of the day - some exercise - to the arrival at work, and then launching the new pets avatar system. Monitoring the boards, preparing and holding the chat, checking messages and statistics, and going back home again. Across two posts there's plenty to read about MaxoidDrea's day last Simday.

MaxoidLucky has also made a quick post this month, in which she says work on Spore is going well. That's pretty much it too. MaxoidHunter answers a common question about stray pets in the upcoming PC expansion pack. People are afraid they'll be too much like strays in Unleashed, but some measures have been taken to prevent problems. The first is that strays will only rarely come, and won't distract your Sims or anything. They're pretty much like walk-by Sims, and you opt-in to interact with them. A cheat will also allow you to turn off strays, per lot. His blog has a few more details. That's all for the blog updates this time.
Written at 20:12 on Tuesday, 10 October 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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