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Royal Kingdom Challenge Interview
Many people have created challenges for the Sims 2 over the years, providing a goal for you to play towards. One of those people is EnblithTheFair, who has created the Royal Kingdom Challenge. The third edition has been posted recently, and is the one year anniversary version. The goal of the challenge is to create a themed neighborhood complete with royal family, nobility, merchants and more. The creator, EnblithTheFair, was recently interviewed by MaxoidMoonBelly about the challenge. She tells why he created the challenge, and the hard parts of making it: writing everything down without forgetting anything. Custom content also helps players along, as the game is normally based around a modern reality which is not permitted in the challenge. The scoring system and the response to the challenge are also discussed in the interview, as well as how Open for Business enhanced the challenge by making the merchant class come alive. EnblithTheFair's personal experience with the Sims 2 is also talked about, and her little free time to play the game properly. For more details read the Royal Kingdom Challenge Interview over at the official site.

Written at 01:16 on Wednesday, 18 October 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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