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The Sims 1 Career Index
Welcome to the Sims Zone's Career Index. This is a complete index of all the careers that can be found in The Sims 1 and its expansions (except the Fame career of Superstar). Your Sims can start in one of these careers, and then work their way up. With this index, you can easily find the career that suits your Sim best. Here's a list of all the indexed careers, click the links to see the career's details:

  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Law Enforcement
  • Life of Crime
  • Medicine
  • Military
  • Politics
  • Pro Athlete
  • Science
  • X-Treme Career
  • Musician (Livin' Large)
  • Slacker (Livin' Large)
  • Paranormal (Livin' Large)
  • Journalism (Livin' Large)
  • Hacker (Livin' Large)
  • Fashion (Unleashed)
  • Education (Unleashed)
  • Animal Care (Unleashed)
  • Culinary (Unleashed)
  • Circus (Unleashed)

    Note: We've used the details of the careers with all expansion packs installed. Some career changes might have changed when new careers where added (Livin' Large and Unleashed). We might add details of career changes without some expansion packs in the future.
  • Help
    These lists in the career index describe what you can expect when taking a job in a specific career. We've listed the text in the box you get when being promoted. Required friends and skills to get a job are listed too. Skills are listed as full points. You can also see the salary for each job, and the hours you'll spend working. Besides all that, we tell you how the Sims' mood is affected by the job. For instance, if it costs 5% energy per hour, it will be listed as "Energy: -5%". We got those details with some help of Career Creator 3, so Tom: thanks for that :-)
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    Last updated at 22:37 2003n Sunday 21 December 2003.

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