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SimDay: is that all?
This week's SimDay isn't much: just 4 new songs from the SuperStar cd and some links. The songs released this week are 'Glabe Glarn', 'The Spa Treatment', 'Frettesche' and '8x10 Glossy'. The final 2 tracks will probably be released next week. You can download the music from this page. Besides that, there are links to articles from Camp EA. Besides IGN and GameSpot (which we reported about), there are links to screenshot pages of GameSpy. However, it seems they haven't posted anything but those screenshots. For Makin' Magic details, check out this news, Bustin' Out is in this news (GameSpot) and this news (IGN). Besides that the official site has posted the Makin' Magic 'announcement' - which apparantly isn't official ("Although not officially announced...") - last friday. It's all on the official site. That's it again this week, not much new but it's something.

Written at 20:54 on Thursday, 17 July 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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