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Bustin' Out (PS2, GC, XB, GBA) Stuff
Besides GameSpot posting a lot of info on Makin' Magic (read this), they've posted some stuff of The Sims Bustin' Out (on the consoles). There's a preview of Bustin' Out right here. GBA players should check out this preview as well. Besides that there are some new screenshots for the GBA version at this page. Then there are 3 new videos (and the old trailer has been posted again), which show several things. Unfortunately for many of you, these are for GameSpot Complete members only. I'm lucky to be such a member, so let me tell something about them...

The first one shows how much you can alter the looks of a Sim. You get to see a female Sim getting a new dress, changing into a male, getting new clothes and a new cap, different skin colour (and back to the original again), then he turns back into the female, all in 48 secs.

The second video shows the created Sim (a female in a maid's dress), doing some smelly stuff: farting and burping. It starts with just a fart, then the other Sim has to pull her finger and... she farts. It's all fun and it even has a postive effect on their relation. But the burping in the face the maid does right after that has quite a negative effect. It's quite nice to see really.

The third one continues where they left off. There's more pulling fingers (and farting) near the scooter, which results in laughter. Then there's the burp again, then the maid goes home on the scooter. The other woman goes back. It's pretty much the same as the second clip, only on a different location. If you can download these videos, enjoy them!

You can download these three movies (13 Mb each high res, or 10.8 mb each low res) from this page. You need movie 2-4, number 1 is the old trailer (and the direct feed was posted during the E3 in May). They're all 48 seconds long and you need QuickTime to play them.
Written at 21:26 on Thursday, 10 July 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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