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Even more Bustin' Out Stuff
IGN has been at Camp EA as well, and after GameSpot (read this and this) they've posted several things about The Sims Bustin' Out. First of all: the screenies. There are the 6 new ones from the GBA version which we already saw yesterday, at this page. They've also written a hands-on preview, which you can read right here. They get into detail about the story mode in the game, and the town your Sim can go to. Then there's a preview of Bustin' Out on PS2, GameCube and X-Box. Once again they're all the same, and you can find it right here. They talk about the upgraded graphics, the revamped Create-A-Sim, the transportation, and new ways to kill Sims, all on 2 pages. Along with that there are 4 brand new screenshots, all available at this page. Then they've posted the trailer again, which is available for free from the same page (in streaming format), or in high res for download for those who are IGN Insiders. Finally, back to GameSpot, there's a video interview with Fred Dieckmann (associate Producer of Bustin' Out), for the GameSpot Complete members...

There will be more levels (more than a dozen instead of 6 in The Sims) in the story mode, and as you play it multiple times (with a different group of levels) you'll be able to unlock more objects. There will be more objects and interactions which you can learn from other Sims. There will be a 2-player competition or cooperation mode again. You'll also be able to play your Sim at a friend's house, and trade objects you can't access. The interview has some exclusive in-game material, including a Sim-eating plant... If you're a GameSpot Complete member, it's definitely worth downloading those 28 Mbs of footage from this page.
Written at 23:15 on Friday, 11 July 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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