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South & Southwestern District Families
Southern District

I have classified the Southern District to be south of Maywood Glen, which is one of the smaller parks in Sunset Valley. The district is bordered by Sierra Tango Street to the east, which leads to Fort Gnome, and Landgraab Avenue to the west, which leads to the Llama Stadium. Both are linked by Maywood Lane.

10. The Langerak Household - No.14 Sierra Tango Street faces down Maywood Lane. This spacious and modern house is the home to a family of five.

Iliana Langerak is the Department Head at one of the businesses based at Doo Peas House and believes everything and everyone has their place. She is on good terms with her husband and her sister but barely seems to know her children. She is a perfectionist, neat and a workaholic and strangely a bit of a daredevil with the lifetime wish of becoming CEO of a mega corporation.

Dustin Langerak is Iliana's husband and a stay-at-home dad. He is on better terms with their daughter Kaylynn but not with their teenage son Parker. Being handy around the house is an asset. However, he is also a clumsy slob. His lifetime wish is to be mega popular. Being a friendly guy, that could work in his favour.

Zelda Mae is Iliana's younger sister who has turned up unexpectedly with her plants. She lives in the guest room on the ground floor. She works in the music business and has the aspiration to be a rock star. She gets on very well with Dustin, her brother-in-law. Very well indeed. There may be trouble ahead.

Parker Langerak is Iliana and Dustin's teenage son. He only seems to get on with Kaylynn. He is flirty and a great kisser, although there is no sign of anyone who can vouch for that. Around the house, however, he is a slob.

Kaylnn Langerak is Iliana and Dustin's daughter. She is neat and a perfectionist, who gets on well with her father, brother and Auntie Zelda. If anyone does the cleaning around this house, it is Kaylynn. However, a lifetime wish to become an Illustrious Author has cropped up, which could change future history.

Future Echoes - There is a Kaylynn Langerak who simmers have met before in the future. She was a professional maid-for-hire in Pleasantview and was caught in a compromising situation with Daniel Pleasant. My, how well she has aged considering The Sims 2 is set 50 years ahead.

11. The Bunch Household - No.14 Maywood Lane is a large home with a modern design built on three floors with four bedrooms and four bedrooms. Believe me, this family needs them. The house has a large garden with a playground equipment and a barbecue.

Jack and Judy Bunch are both career parents and have four children ... for now, at least.

Squadron Leader Jack Bunch works at Fort Gnome although he has the lifetime wish of being a superstar athlete. However, when there is a large family to look after, that dream might not come true. Jack is on good terms with all of his family and tries to be active in the local community.

Judy Bunch is an Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker. No, I didn't know what it meant either until I checked. She works at the Landgraab Industries Science Facility experimenting on new types of fish. However, her lifetime wish is to be surrounded by family. Yes, it looks like she wants yet another one to add to the clan. She is a neat family-loving perfectionist, but can be over-emotional.

Ethan Bunch is the oldest of the children. He is a teenager and doing quite well at school. He is happy with his head in a good book. He is good-natured, charismatic and a genius.

Lisa Bunch is the second teen in the family. Although not quite as smart as Ethan, she has the potential if she applies herself and controls her negative traits. She is snobbish, inappropriate and a kleptomaniac.

Arlo Bunch is the second youngest. He is not far off becoming a teen himself. He is excitable and athletic with a love of the outdoors. He just can't stand his little sister.

Darlene Bunch is the youngest of the Bunch clan and has just started going to school. She is a brave daredevil but not so lucky.

12. The Wainwright Household - No.53 Maywood Lane is another house built in a modern style with an efficient design and is the home of Boyd & Susan Wainwright. Until recently, their daughter Blair lived with them but she has moved into the Roomies Household. Both Boyd and Susan are geniuses, whizzes with computers and both work at the Landgraab Industries Science Facility and seem to be keen to begin a new project at home. Hacking the federal reserve perhaps?

Boyd Wainwright works as a Fertiliser Analyst with the long-term objective of becoming a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder. Despite his mental prowess, he is a slob and a couch potato who gets stressed very easily.

Susan Wainwright works as a Carnivorous Plant Tender. She is also a bit of a couch potato, countered with being a snob and a workaholic. Her goal is to become a chess legend. In order to achieve this, she may have to give up the day job and concentrate on this goal to get the skill, experience and matches.

Future Echoes - Who can't forget the cow plant reward object from The Sims 2 University? Perhaps this is what Susan's department at the LISF is working on.

13. The Keaton Household - No.86 Landgraab Avenue looks down Maywood Lane and is described as a suburban ranch house. It is the home of the Keatons.

Marty Keaton is a minor leaguer with the dream of becoming a superstar athlete. He is athletic, loves the outdoors and is a great kisser as Justine will testify to. However, he also suffers badly from stress and various neuroses.

Justine Keaton is a patrol officer with the SVPD and is currently on maternity leave expecting their first child. Although she can be hot-headed, she is also good-natured and very neat with a tendency to prefer to be alone or in small groups. Her lifetime wish is to reach the top of the forensic branch of the SVPD.

14. The Jolina Household - No.91 Landgraab Avenue is described as an Asian-influenced chalet-style Tudor ranch. Personally, that makes me think as though it does not know what style it really follows.

Doctor Jamie Jolina works as a Trauma Surgeon at the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital. Her goal is to continue with her career in medicine and become a World Renowned Surgeon. At this time, her performance at work needs some attention and she does not get on with her boss. Despite being a genius and a virtuoso, she is flirty and loves parties. As she is trying to prove that being good-looking and intelligent can go together, more work is needed to keep the balance. Also, less blusher in my opinion.

The Southwestern District

What I have classed as the Southwestern District covers Redwood Parkway, which is the southern coast road running along the clifftops, and Oak Grove Road, which runs westwards linking Landgraab Avenue and Redwood Parkway. There are many vacant properties in these parts plus there is room for development.

15. The Single Moms Household - No. 330 Oak Grove Road is a large single-storey contemporary design with high ceilings and a large fenced in yard. Until recently, Fiona & River McIrish were living here alone until Fiona invited River's friend Molly French and her baby daughter Sandi to move in.

Fiona McIrish works as an Investigative Reporter. Not surprisingly, she is another one who wishes to write a Sci-Fi novel. She is a genius, charismatic and a bookworm. She is a vegetarian and has a yet-to-be-realised talent around the house repairing things. Her goal is to be the Tinkerer, being a master of logic and handiness. As it is, she has zero experience in those fields.

Molly French is not much younger than Fiona. Her lifetime wish is to have no less than 10 different partners. She is skilled in cooking and works as a pastry chef but her performance is very poor, perhaps related to having a desire to party. She is also flirty and a hopeless romantic, living life on the edge and apparently indifferent about the mess she leaves behind.

River McIrish is Fiona's teenage daughter. She is good-natured, artistic, neat and a perfectionist. She is doing quite well at school and also has a desire to get a part-time job as well.

Sandi French is Molly's daughter. Sandi is quite close to school age but so far has not been potty-trained, nor has she been taught to talk or to walk. If this is not addressed soon, she could develop another difficult personality trait.

16. The Crumplebottom Household - No.230 Redwood Parkway, also known as August Moon, is quite an austere and unique building in a modern architectural style. This had the makings of a wonderful family home until tragedy struck on their honeymoon and Agnes quickly became a widow. There had been plans for a family, as can be seen by the unfinished nursery upstairs.

Agnes Crumplebottom, who is the younger sister of Cornelia Goth, was not married for long. She now works as a Test Subject at LISF and cutting clippings from the newspaper to try and cut costs and make ends meet. Her husband's remains are in the garden and his ghost haunts the property, scaring off any other suitors. Her goal is to become an illustrious author.

With a sad life so far, she has a lot of experiences she can draw from for a novel or autobiography.

Future Echoes - Dating couples from The Sims and The Sims 2 know to avoid Miss Crumplebottom for fear of being hit with her handbag as this old woman despises any open displays of affection. She is known to enjoy a game of cards or go bowling.

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