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West, North & Northwest District Families
The Western District

The Western District is a row of houses on Sun Song Avenue opposite Old Pier Beach facing out into the ocean. With such a glorious view, it is to be expected that property prices here will be considerably higher than those further inland.

17. The Wan-Goddard Household - No.1 Sun Song Avenue is described as being built in an Italianate Victorian style. This house is just across the road from the Old Pier Beach. This is where Hank and Pauline live. Both of them love the outdoors, have issues with commitment and each have the lifetime wish of having ten girlfriends or boyfriends.

Hank Goddard is a charismatic schmoozer and a great kisser, so Pauline confirms. He is a traffic cop with the SVPD but his performance at work could be a bit better.

Pauline Wan is a flirty and ambitious party animal. With them having the beach just across the road, that is a perfect venue for her to hold one. She is on the bottom rung of the music career and is already getting some skill playing the guitar.

18. The Ursine Household - No.5 Sun Song Avenue is described as a victorian-style beachfront home, perfect for watching sunsets over the ocean. If I was at a realtors reading this description, I'd be looking to raise the capital to buy the place. Like the house at No.1, it is also faces onto Old Pier Beach.

Claire Ursine is the only person who lives here at this time. She is a loner who keeps to herself although she does have some friends. She is very skilled at fishing. As well as this, though, she is also a hot-headed kleptomaniac, she works as a getaway driver and her lifetime wish is to become a master thief. However, she is also expecting a baby and that might change everything and the father might not live that far away.

19. The Frio Household - No.7 Sun Song Avenue is different in style to the previous two properties. it is a more modest property but with a reasonably sized garden and a large second-floor deck so people can sit out and appreciate the view. It is currently the home of the Frio brothers.

Connor Frio is a good-natured bookworm with a lifetime wish to become a celebrated author. He is also an absent-minded loner who does not respond well to flirty behaviour and he feels most at home in either the library or the bookstore.

Jared Frio is quite different from his younger brother. His dream is to become a Celebrated Five-Star Chef. He already works in the culinary profession and being a natural cook does give him a bit of natural talent. This heavy-sleeping party animal can be mean spirited and quite inappropriate. It might explain why Claire Ursine is his ex-girlfriend and why relations between them are quite cold right now.

The Northern District

The Northern District covers Sunnyside Boulevard, which starts from the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corporation and runs west along the north end of the town passing the art gallery, hospital, diner and spa, finishing on the promontory by Lone Wolff Manor.

20. The Roomies Household - No.260 Sunnyside Boulevard is described as being in an industrial style for the avant-garde clientele. Currently accommodating five different and diverse individuals, one of them is remarkable enough to get a room all of his own.

Stiles McGraw is the oldest of the roomies who share this building. He works as a talent scout and has the lifetime wish to be swimming in cash. He is an outdoor man who is a bit of a loner and can be found regularly busking in the park with his guitar. Somehow, he hasn't taken the time to get to know any other of his housemates. Tamara Donner is the next oldest. She is a ballot counter at City Hall but with the lifetime wish of living in a really expensive house. She is flirty and charismatic although hotheaded and a bit of a daredevil.

Emma Hatch is in the middle. She is an Ingredient Taster in the culinary career with a lifetime wish of learning every recipe known to sim. She is a natural cook, which should help towards that goal.

Cycl0n3 Sw0rd is the second youngest. No, that is not my typing. His name is really spelt like that. Not surprisingly, he is a computer whiz, a bit of a genius but absent minded and he can be inappropriate in his actions at times.

Blair Wainright is the youngest, whose parents we met Blair's parents at No.53 Maywood Lane. Blair is a bit of a loner and we are yet to see whether she can fit in with a house of strangers. Her dream is to become an International Super Spy. She is a hopeless romantic and somewhat childish, although good- natured and a genius.

Future Echoes - There was a Roomies family in The Sims although none of them seem to be related or similar in any way other than the household name.

21. The Working Friends Household - No.270 Sunnyside Boulevard also backs onto the Lofty Cerulean Blue Pool and is architecturally similar to its neighbours. The residents are four young adult women who are trying to get on together and further their careers.

Tori Kimura - the serious one - is the oldest of the four. She is a City Council Member with a lifetime wish to have about 30 friends. She is quite charismatic but is a bit of a snob with no sense of humour.

Monika Morris - the down-to-earth rich girl - is the second oldest and is also a snob. Her passion is fishing and her lifetime wish is to present the perfect private aquarium, although she still has a lot of experience to get and a lot of learning to do. She currently works as a Snack Hawker at the stadium.

Ayesha Ansari - the floundering tomboy - aspires to have a perfect mind and body. As she is a genius and athletic, she might have some help on becoming more skilled. She currently works as a decoy for those at the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse Corporation.

Madison VanWatson - the materialistic rich girl - dreams of living in the lap of luxury. She currently works as a podium polisher at City Hall. She is the youngest one who lives here. She is ambitious, but childish, clumsy and excitable. Like Tori and Monika, she is a snob.

Call me bizarre but this foursome reminds me of the Spice Girls. Posh, Scary, Sporty & Baby.

22. The Koffi Household - No.433 Sunnyside Boulevard is at the junction with Sun Song Avenue and has a good view out onto the beach and into the bay. This very modern design boasts an indoor- outdoor pool and is described as the place to buy for a single person with too much money.

Gobias Koffi is the only person who lives here. He currently works as a Fertilizer Analyst for LISF, but his lifetime wish is to be a Jack of All Trades having worked to the fifth level of four different careers. His personality is somewhat quirky. He is childish, over- emotional, a flirt and also a bit of a loser. As Gobias does not really have any female friends and there has been rumour he is happier with people of his own sex. Personally, I just think he hasn't tried hard enough. Here he is playing tag with Erin Kennedy.

23. The Wolff Household - No.500 Sunnyside Boulevard is one of the most valued pieces of real estate in Sunset Valley. Set on a promontory overlooking the bay, it has its own semi-private beach. Lone Wolff Manor is classed as the perfect place for elite modern life.

Thornton Wolff according to his bio had parents who did not get along. As a result, he has issues with commitment and only courted and married Morgana as it seemed the done thing to do. He certainly does not want to have children of his own and his ambition is to be the CEO of a Mega Corporation. He is already a corporate drone with his sights set for that loftier goal.

Morgana Wolff has a lifetime goal to be surrounded by family, but now she has discovered her new husband did not marry her for love and dislikes children. If she is to achieve this goal, she has to change her plans. She is a good-natured, family-orientated woman. She is also a charismatic workaholic and currently works as a bedpan cleaner at Sacred Spleen.

The Northwest District

The Northwest District is Summer Hill Court. This area has been described as the most exclusive circle in town. With a small park in the centre called Summer Hill Springs, it is flanked by two luxurious villas, both of which command impressive views. This district has the homes of Sunset Valley's "old money" and "new money".

24. The Landgraab Household - No.10 Summer Hill Court, better known as the Landgraab Estate, is described as having elegant neoclassical landscaping. This is the home of the town's most prestigious family and both parents are enemies of the Nick and Vita Alto.

Nancy Landgraab is at least 3rd generation to carry that name. Her parents and paternal grandparents are buried in the cemetery on the other side of town. She is proud to bear the family name and even persuaded her husband to take her surname and lose her own. Her lifetime wish is to be CEO of a Mega Corporation. Currently, she is a corporate Vice President. She is a workaholic, a perfectionist, very ambitious and a snob.

Geoffrey Landgraab's original surname is lost as he took on the Landgraab name when he married Nancy. As a hopeless romantic, he would have done anything for her. He is a Gene Therapist at Sacred Spleen although his lifetime wish is to become a famous author.

Malcolm Landgraab is a schoolkid. He is a good-natured bookworm but is ambitious. It appears that he is being groomed by his mother to be heir to the family fortunes. Will he continue how the future history has already been written?

Future Echoes - The name Malcolm Landgraab first appears in SimCity 3000 offering somewhat shady business deals to the player mayor. There is mention to him in The Sims as owner of Shiny Things Inc. and he makes an appearance in the console version. In The Sims 2, he is mentioned in a few chance cards but we meet Malcolm Landgraab IV who is open for business, living in and owning a few of the major businesses in Bluewater Village.

25. The Alto Household - No.20 Summer Hill Court, better known as Villa Alto, has a commanding view over Sunset Valley. Classed as an Executive Home, its merits include having a large office from which "the business" could be run.

Nick Alto currently works as a Vice President for Gunther Goth's corporation. On the surface, he is a family-oriented and ambitious workaholic, keen to get ahead. Below the surface, he is evil and mean-spirited with the lifetime wish of become a master criminal.

Vita Alto has become elected as Local Representative. She comes across as being snobbish but ambitious and charismatic, with the ability to schmooze up to people. Her modest lifetime wish is to become Leader of the Free World. Below the surface, she is as evil as her husband. Muahaha.

Holly Alto is their teenage daughter. She is doing quite well at school. She comes across as being a good-natured vegetarian, she has artistic talent and is easily impressed by what she experiences. Below the surface, she is as good as she appears. Because of this, she is such a disappointment to her parents.

Notes - By combining cash in hand and the value of the Villa Alto, the Altos are actually wealthier than the Landgraabs. Due to the nature of not being able to save inventory if active families are changed, the Altos do not own shareholdings or deeds to most of the businesses in town, although they can afford to become major shareholders if this family is played actively.

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