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Eastern District Families
Eastern District

I have categorised the Eastern District from behind the town hall running up into the hills. It comprises of three streets. Water Lily Lane runs from the north end of Old Pier Beach, up through the centre of town and stops at the junction with Sim Lane. Sim Lane runs south from the empty house at Mosquito Cove and stops at Skyborough Road. Skyborough Road runs from the south end of the Old Pier Beach, up through the centre of the town, past the Pleasant Rest Cemetery up into the hills stopping at the oldest house in town.

1. The Goth Family - No.13 Skyborough Road is better known as Goth Manor, which is an eerie looking Victorian mansion up in the hills behind the Pleasant Rest Graveyard and is the oldest building in Sunset Valley. Goth Manor is the home to Gunther Goth and Cornelia Goth (née Crumplebottom). These two seem to be quite comfortable living in close proximity to the cemetery but they keep their own parent's graves in the gardens of Goth Manor.

Gunther Goth, whose family claim to have lived here since time immemorial, is the CEO of the family business empire although we can only speculate what this is. His lifelong wish is to be multi- talented by mastering three skills, although he is not really skilled at anything. His inventory includes two laptops, which is useful as today he really feels like writing a Sci-Fi novel.

Cornelia Goth is a housewife and dreams of having the perfect garden, although her skills in that area are non-existent although she does want to learn. Her sister Agnes has just lost her husband, however.

They have one child whose name needs no introduction as experienced simmers are already well acquainted with Mortimer Goth. In his inventory is the book entitled "Where's Bella?". He should know this as Bella Bachelor is his best friend and lives on the other side of the cemetery.

Future Echoes - In The Sims, supposedly set 25 years after The Sims 3, Gunther was the Minister of Education and even had a highway named after him in the expanded neighborhood. Mortimer was a test subject, was married to Bella, had a daughter called Cassandra and lived in a spooky house on Sim Lane. In The Sims 2, set 50 years after The Sims 3, Mortimer was living in Pleasantview and was a retired mad scientist. In both occasions, there is a small graveyard in his garden. He has to keep up the family tradition after all.

2. The Bachelor Family - No.12 Sim Lane is an Arts & Crafts style house and the home of the Bachelor Family. Simis Bachelor is married to Jocasta and they have two children. The younger one is Bella and the older one Michael is already a teenager.

Both Simis and Jocasta are following the journalism career track. Simis is a Professional Blogger with a lifetime wish of living in the lap of luxury. In the short term, he'd like to write a science fiction novel. Simis's parents have passed away but their tombstones can be found in the corner of the graveyard. Jocasta is a Book Genre Sorter with the lifetime wish of having the perfect garden but although she has green fingers, she does not yet have any gardening experience or skill at this time although they do have a well developed garden.

Michael is very athletic and loves the outdoors with a short term goal of getting a part time job.

Bella is a child who is good, brave and lucky and as we already know, she is best friends with Mortimer Goth.

Future Echoes - Veteran simmers may have met Michael Bachelor before in The Sims where he appears wearing a sports sweatshirt, living in Sim Lane. Although he does not make an appearance in The Sims, he is found to be the late father of single mother Brandi Broke. Bella is already married to Mortimer in The Sims and they have a daughter called Cassandra. In The Sims 2, Bella has mysteriously disappeared but is rumoured to be living around Strangetown and not having aged whereas Mortimer, who still lives in Pleasantview with their children Cassandra and Alexander, has become quite old.

3. The Sekemoto Family - No.12 Sim Lane is an unusual house, not following any particular architectural style but with room for expansion. Until recently, devoted father Leighton Sekemoto lived on his own with his son Sam, who is just a toddler. Now, his mother Yumi has moved in to help him out so Leighton can further his career, find happiness and perhaps a stepmother for Sam.

Leighton has some athletic skill and works as a Toddler Sports Coach.

Yumi's job is unpaid childminder although she may have had a career in the culinary profession as she is very skilled.

Sam is not potty trained, nor can he talk or walk. Grandma's work is going to be cut out seeing that he has a fulfilling life stage as a toddler.

Is something missing? - Unless there is immaculate conception in The Sims 3, there are no references in the family tree as to who Sam's mother is or who Leighton's father is. However, if there are no sims of them or they are no longer part of this household's story, I guess there is little point having them in the family tree.

4. The Alvi Household - No.43 Water Lily Lane is classed as a bit of a fixer-upper and looks in need of some improvement. However, it is questionable as to whether that will happen. Iqbal Alvi's wife abandoned him suddenly, leaving him with two sons to bring up on his own. His teenage son VJ blames him for this while his younger son Miraj tries to keep the peace.

Iqbal Alvi works for Gunther Goth's corporation as a report processor. However, his lifetime wish is to have a perfect aquarium as he loves fishing and seems to have an aptitude for it, although he does not seem to have caught anything. Being a couch potato and absent minded might not help.

VJ sports a blue mohawk and is basically a nasty piece of work. Evil, inappropriate, childish and a snob. He seems set on making his dad's life a misery as we can see here.

Miraj is still at elementary school. He is good, neat, family-orientated, gets on with both his father and his brother and may one day go into law enforcement if he is able to keep things comfortable.

5. The Kennedy Household - No. 67 Water Lily Lane is a Victorian cottage and the home of Erin Kennedy.

Erin Kennedy is career-military, recently transferred to Sunset Valley's military base at Fort Gnome with a lifetime wish to become an astronaut. Her social skills have been lacking and she is concerned that Sunset Valley will be no different.

6. The Andrews Household - No. 378 Skyborough Road is built in the Mission architectural style. On the surface, Beau & Victoria Andrews appear to be the perfect couple. However, things may not be as it seems.

Victoria Andrews is a freelance writer with a current desire to write a Sci-Fi novel. Is there a city-wide competition on for writing these or something? She is good-natured, ambitious and artistic, an avid reader and a hopeless romantic. Her lifetime goal is to be a Star News Anchor. She is good friends with the Hart family and is a devoted wife, having studied hard for her career in order to support him.

Beau Andrews had a failed athletic career. Currently unemployed, he is a slob with no appreciation or interest in art and lacking a sense of appropriateness who would rather spend his time lounging on the couch. His lifetime wish is somewhat alarming, though. He is a gold digger who looks forward to seeing the ghost of his rich wife.

Victoria, kick his fat backside out, he's no good for you!

7. The Clavell Household - No.306 Skyborough Road is a house built in the Victorian style and is the home of Buster, Bessie and Xander Clavell.

Buster and Bessie are both retired elders. Buster was a starter for a sports team and Bessie was an orchestra lead. Buster's lifetime wish is to live in the lap of luxury enjoying some peace and quiet, which would include their son moving out. Bessie is used to looking after "her men" which gives little time to pursue her lifetime wish of being a Master of Arts.

Xander is a young adult working for those "legitimate businessmen" who are based in that old warehouse in town. His lifetime wish is to be a heartbreaker being the boyfriend of ten different sims. He is also a party animal, which goes against what his parents want to go on under their roof.

Buster's parents are in the graveyard up the road.

8. The Hart Household - No.303 Skyborough Road is remodelled Victorian house, quite distinctive because of the high angle of its roof. Also, two of the three in this household are certifiably insane.

Gus's ultimate dream is to be super popular. He is charismatic and family orientated but also childish and easily impressed, not to forget being insane. He works part time as a produce quality assessor at the supermarket.

Dorie's ultimate dream is the same. She is an absent minded, childish, over-emotional loser, not to forget also being insane. She also works part time but as a cash register specialist at the bookstore.

Bebe is their teenage daughter. She is frugal, good-natured and a bookworm. Although she is not insane, she does have a fear of technology. Her current plans involve finding a part time job to help with the family income as bills still need to be paid. She generally wants to get on with her life in as sane a way as possible.

9. The Steel Household - No.373 Skyborough Road is a single-floor Victorian cottage with a sizeable back garden. It is the home to just one person.

Christopher Steel, who has the goal of having a perfect aquarium, has just moved here. He is a young adult with no job and no friends and his only skill is basic fishing. In life, he has been lucky so far but with the traits of being a natural cook, friendly and a great kisser, he should make a good impression on anyone he invites over to this bachelor pad.

Written at 03:14 on Tuesday 23 June 2009 by Andy.

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