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The Houses, Homes & Families of Sunset Valley

In the first part of this indepth editorial, we looked at the original neighborhood that the sims will be moving into.

We covered the places where our sims can work, can do their shopping and can otherwise explore.

After some consideration, I have chosen to stay with Sunset Valley and I am now looking indepth at the houses, homes and existing families that already live here, who have a backstory and are ready in play.

Houses & Homes

Sunset Valley is a community that thrives because of the sims who live here. As there are the facilities and workplaces to promote growth, it is not unexpected that 25 families have already moved to this town. Some families live in clifftop mansions, others live in detached homes by the beach, others live in smaller less auspicious residences.

There are also many vacant houses waiting for new families to move into. As well as these vacant homes, there are also lots earmarked by the council for residential development. They have even been provided with mailboxes and garbage cans in anticipation. There is even an empty lane completely set aside for this.

Before we look at how things can be developed, we will begin with the houses that have already become homes. Let us meet the families.

Organising the Families

With Sunset Valley being so picturesque, it is to be expected that many families have already made their homes here. Some of them have been here for some time with deceased ancestors interred at the Pleasant Rest Cemetery but others seem to be more recent arrivals.

I have divided the town up into various districts to work through the families with some semblance of order. Working on the premise that the sun here does set in the West, we will start with the eastern district.

Written at 03:14 on Tuesday 23 June 2009 by Andy.

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