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Unique Cheats
Unique Cheats

Maxis and EA are getting smart. Different people want to be able to do different things with the game and Maxis have been refining things with the different expansions. With "University", among its unique cheats, you had the ability to change lots to different classifications and also place objects on a diagonal.

"Nightlife" also has its own unique cheats that serve almost as much as a unique selling point than the objects.

What? You'd like me to tell you some of these unique cheats? Ok, here are the ones I like the most. Don't forget CTRL+SHFT+C to get the cheats console up first, though.

familyfunds X Y

where X is replaced with a selected family in the simbin and Y is replaced by the amount you wish to give them. It has to be used from the neighborhood view, however. You can also use it on already-created households and families you already have so you can increase/reduce their cash balance accordingly. I like this cheat a great deal. It saves you having to send new families to empty lots kaching and/or motherlode them up so they can afford more expensive lots.

For example, meet the hideously rich Shrub family. Do you want to bring them down to sim-earth with a bump? Of course you do. On the left, you see them as they were before. On the right, you see them as they were after "familyfunds Shrub 1000". Hey, I couldn't leave them with nothing. The Simerican Emergency Management Agency had to give them something to get them back on their feet again.

roofslopeangle X

where X is replaced with any number between 15 and 75. I really like this cheat too. I missed the different sloped roofs from TS1 and this cheat helps you get a multitude of different slopes. Find below three examples of the various slopes (30, 45, 60).

agesimscheat [on/off]

is another good one. This allows you to age the sim you click on. You can make selected sims older, which does mean that your townie childhood sweetheart can grow up with you. Randy London has been the "first kiss" for three generations of teenagers in one of my families. You can also make sims younger. I'm not sure if this works on Mrs. Crumplebottom. I really must try it out. Mortimer did turn out as a blonde when I tried it out on him, but I soon fixed that to make him more like the Mortimer we know and love from the TS1 days. I'm yet to check how Bella (alive and well as a Strangetown townie, by the way) would look if she became old (muahaha).

showHeadlines [on/off]

is the other one of the new cheats that I find useful, especially when taking snapshots or making movies for stories. It makes all thought balloons, speech balloons, and ++/-- type headlines hidden/visible.

There are other unique cheats, but you can find all about them in the readme text file that comes with "Nightlife". There was a rumour about one that showed the value of all lots, residential or otherwise, but this does not seem to have come to pass. In the same vein as "showHeadlines", I would have liked to have had a cheat that would have allowed you to make the "house occupied" plumbbobs in the neighborhood view vanish. They can really mess up a neighborhood picture or movie.

Written at 04:38 on Saturday 24 September 2005 by Andy.

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