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Notices Archive - July, 2002
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Monday 1 July 2002
Viruses - Watch them
Written at 02:00 by the Webmaster.
You might have already read about this, but we are still getting many viruses every day. The most common ones lately are the Klez worm and the Yaha worm. The Klez worm can keep the most well-known virusscanners from running (including the system monitor functions of the scanners), and on Windows 2000/XP it also can disable the task manager. More detailed information about this one can be found at this page on Symantec Security Response. The Yaha worm spreads itself as screensaver through the Windows address book, the MSN Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo contact lists, and files with an extension with the letters ht. More information about that one is on this page.

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Monday 8 July 2002
New Community Section Launched!
Written at 02:00 by the Webmaster.
As you can see in the menu on the left, the community section is now open. This place will give you the latest news from the community, members can add site updates to let everybody know when their sites have been updated at this page. It'll even give those members one line on the homepage of TSZ then (in the headlines bit). Finally, there is a list of links to the sites of all our members. In other words: free publicity for those who have registered as member and have a Sims-site on their own.

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Saturday 20 July 2002
A Sim Fan is born!!
Written at 02:22 by the Webmaster.
We think a new Sim Fan was born last tuesday: Carrie has been away from this site for a while, because she was pregnant of her first child. The little boy named Ethan was born in the afternoon of 16 July 2002, at 15:28 local time. Mother and child are doing well. If you want to see pictures of the baby then go here. Of course the rest of TSZ congratulates Carrie with this new boy. We hope he'll be a big Sims fan too when he gets older :-) If you want to congratulate Carrie with this happy news, then you can post your comments here. You have to be registered (and logged in) for it to work though.

Tuesday 30 July 2002
Sim Brother II: The Contenders
Written at 02:00 by the Webmaster.

The Countdown Has Begun!
Our second series of "Sim Brother" will be starting on Thursday, August 22nd so keep tuned to this channel.