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Notices Archive - March, 2003
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Wednesday 12 March 2003
Welcome Back!
Written at 01:00 by the Webmaster.
Welcome back to The Sims Zone! As you can see, we've totally changed... everything. There are search functions for the news, community news and the files. The files now also have two special categories: the 25 most popular, and the 25 newest files. Also, to protect us a bit more from getting tons of viruses each day, there is now an e-mail form, which you should use if you want to contact us. You can also send attachments (of up to 250Kb) using that form. We've been going through most of the content, and all links to pages that don't exist anymore should have been fixed. If you find a dead link in some old content, please e-mail me. Did I forget anything? Ah, yes, the design. We hope you like that too, it's taken us quite some time. The new system we're using is rather more reliable, and simply better. It allows us to make even more cool features in the future.

As we've been offline for over a week, you may have missed some news. A round-up of that news is in this post.

Tuesday 25 March 2003
To all our members who registered after the relaunch
Written at 15:12 by the Webmaster.
We've fixed another bug in the members area. The accounts of those who haven't logged in after the time I'm writing this, but registered before the relaunch, should login in again at least once after this item's been posted. The account have not yet been deleted due to another bug, which wouldn't free up accounts after 48 hours. That bug has been fixed, but to give people who already registered and logged in properly some extra time, we won't be putting the fixed code online yet for the next week. That means no accounts will not be deleted for the next 7 days, even if you don't login within 48 hours after registering. Starting next week tuesday that will be fixed as well, so if you still didn't login (again) by then, your account will be deleted.

Accounts that have been registered and verified before our relaunch are not affected by this bug. Members who registered themselves after that, have to login again at least once within the next week to keep their accounts. Otherwise, those will be deleted. After that, you'll have to register again (you can use the same username as before then, as it'll be freed). We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.