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Notices Archive - February, 2002
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Sunday 3 February 2002
Sim Brother Nominations
Written at 13:23 by the Webmaster.
The first nomations of Sim Brother have taken place last week. It's now up to you to vote the first Sim Brother out of the house. Will it be Anna K, Anne R or MNM leaving the house later this week? You decide, so please vote here now! The poll closes midnight (GMT) between next thursday and friday, and then you can see who's been voted out and will be evicted.

Wednesday 13 February 2002
Members Area coming soon!
Written at 19:17 by the Webmaster.
No, we are not going to be a pay-site. We will however open up a free members area. This will give you several priveleges on this site. We will be upgrading soon. Upgrading can take up to two hours, so if you can't access this site later because we are upgrading, then you know what will be coming!

Also: Sim Brother nominations are coming up again! Please vote as soon as you can. You can vote from about midnight until next week midnight between wednesday and thursday.

Members Area here!
Written at 21:49 by the Webmaster.
It's sooner than I though we'd have it, but it's here! The members area for The Sims Zone! Want to register for free? Just look at the right-hand menu. So far, the only extra is that you can post comments to news items - to have discussions with other The Sims fans - but more will come in the future. You should register now!

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Saturday 23 February 2002
We need you!
Written at 21:17 by the Webmaster.
Here at The Sims Zone there are still a few vacancies open. We need YOU to help us! If you can make anything for the Sims, like skins, walls, floors, houses or objects, or if you are good at finding news related to The Sims, then we're looking for you! If you're interested, check out the vacancies page. Please have some example work ready to send us.