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Do you want to work for us?
Due to various departures for pastures new, we are rather thin on the ground and there are several vacancies in our organisation.
We are not looking for brilliance, but we are looking for quality and originality and we welcome any genuine application for one or more of the following posts.
[ No vacancies ]
The Newshound needs to find and report the latest news about "The Sims" from the official site and from around the community. The community newshound will have to find and write news from the thousands of fansites of The Sims on the internet.
Skin Creators
1 vacancy
Experience with creating original meshes and use of SimPose would be advantageous although not essential.

We require individuals with some talent who can do original textures for heads and bodies.
Object Creators
1 vacancy
Experience with Transmogrifier and/or Blueprint essential..

New objects preferred although not mandatory. Quality is what we are looking for.
Lot Designers
[ No vacancies ]
We are looking for exciting and original lots for either Neighborhoods, Community, Downtown and Vacation Island using only official objects/textures or those available from this site or its affiliates.
Wall/Floor/Roof Creator
1 vacancy
Experience with Homecrafter essential.

We are looking for designs that are attractive, interesting and original.
Are you still interested?
If you think you have what it takes and want to be a part of making this site even better than it is ...

Email Andy with your details

If you have any samples of your work, please attach them. If your work has been posted elsewhere, please give the URL of the location so we can have a look at it.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We do not guarantee that you will get a job with us if you apply. These jobs are unpaid and voluntary. Example work sent to us will become property of The Sims Zone, and will be published on there, unless you explicitly state that you do not want your example work posted at The Sims Zone (for example, work that has already been posted on another site).
Written at 02:24 2002n Wednesday 13 February 2002 by Andy.
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