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The Sims GameCube and X-Box released
The Sims has been released for two console platforms: Nintendo's GameCube and Microsoft's X-Box in the USA yesterday. Europeans still have to wait 3 (X-Box) to 10 (GameCube) days. We'll soon be adding two more of our well-known review indexes as soon as we find reviews. To see the press release about the shipment of these games, visit this page on the official site. For the site of the consoles version of the Sims, visit TheSimsConsole.com. As these versions are similar to the PlayStation2 version, you may already find some reviews in our The Sims PS2 Review index. Thanks to A. Fussy for the reminder.

Written at 23:03 on Tuesday, 25 March 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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