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The Sims (PS2) Reviews
The Sims PS2 US Box-shot

The Sims has been released on the PlayStation 2. Reason for us, to provide a list of all the reviews we find, so you can easily check out the opinions of several people on the world wide web. Click the game site titles to go to the full review. Here's the list:
"Don’t expect the PS2 game to have the same impact as the original PC entry in 2000, especially because new games varying on the theme have been released through the years. However, The Sims for PS2 is a solid, intriguing game, and for newcomers it will not disappoint with its original concept. And, for players who are already fans, the PS2 version offers new challenges with “Get a Life” and multiplayer modes, while delivering the standard classic game."

Final score: 7 out of 10
"This is and always a classic PC title. It is obvious too that a lot of work has gone into the PS2 version, to such an extent that it not just a remake of a PC great but a new game in its own right. The graphics have been considerably updated, the play modes have been constructed with console players in mind and the original concept has been tweaked and honed to perfection. It does falter a little on the controls front which can take time to master but once starting this game the early hours will pale in comparison to the overall marathon you are bound to get out of this game.

I only suggest, however, that if you want to keep your life don’t buy this game.

Final score: 85%
"Triangle, Square, X, and Circle of Life With a powerful PC pedigree, the PS2 debut of The Sims had a lot to live up to—but the 3D upgrade captures the magic quite well, and console fans will finally understand what all the fuss is about."

Final score: 5.0 out of 5
"I was terrified of this game on the PS2. I loved the PC version but would have bet money Maxis would screw it up. Guess what? They made me eat my own words. This game is the Shiznit and shouldn't be passed over as some stupid chore game. No, this IS FUN boys and girls. Don't miss out!"

Final score: 10 out of 10
"Despite this, overall, the game is a great time. You may start off thinking it's a bit odd, but as soon as you begin identifying with your Sim, you're hooked. Of course, if you're all about nonstop action and shooting stuff, you're not going to find much here to keep your interest. But if you tend toward more open-ended, cerebral game experiences, you're in for a treat."

Final score: 8 out of 10
"Experienced Sims players would be better off buying another expansion pack or trying The Sims: Online than picking up the PS2 version of a game they already own. For that matter, PlayStation 2 owners not opposed to gaming on their PC should strongly consider buying The Sims Deluxe Edition instead, which bundles the original game with several expansion packs for under $50 and offers far more hours of gameplay. If you simply must have access to The Sims from the comfort of your living room, however, then be confident that its PS2 incarnation has definitely made the transition competently. That's a fair surprise in itself, but a few more certainly wouldn't have gone unappreciated."
"The PlayStation 2 version of The Sims does a great job of revisiting the original premise and gameplay of one of the most successful games ever. The PS2 game has several new features that add a good amount of extra play value to an already replayable game, as well as a robust 3D engine that may look somewhat plain but works well. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, The Sims for PS2 is otherwise extremely faithful to the gameplay of the original game, shortcomings and all. The Sims is certainly still an unusual game, but at this point in time, it's difficult for the PS2 game to have the same sort of impact as the original PC game did three years ago, especially since three years' worth of new games have since been released for both the PC and the PS2 in the meantime. That said, the PS2 version's new additions and enhancements, along with its faithful reproduction of The Sims' gameplay, make for a game that is as solid as The Sims has ever been. So if you've never had a chance to try The Sims but the idea intrigues you, you should give it a try. And if you're already a fan of The Sims, you may wish to try out the PS2 game for the "get a life" mode and the cooperative multiplayer--but don't be surprised to find yourself in an otherwise familiar neighborhood."

Final score: 7.9 out of 10 (Good)
"Naysayers whine that Sims gameplay is getting gray around the edges. Maybe so, but much like the Fab Four, the PS2 version proves its still hard to beat a classic."

Final score: 85 out of 100
"The Sims for the PS2 is a wonderful vivid game. The ability to control your Sims life is a wonderful challenge and a worthwhile experience. Once again, the Sims on PS2 is a hit! The depth and the diversity makes this version of The Sims stand out from the other PC versions. One last thing, don’t forget to install the burglar alarm!"

Final score: 8.2 out of 10
"The Sims, for the PS2, serves and an introduction on the PlayStation 2 to the concepts of the PC game franchise while dropping in some new ideas to give the program some fresh aspects. This is a game in which you micromanage a created character in a cyber realm that, to some extent, mirrors the real world. It takes time to play and develop a character, and those who have never played The Sims may find their opinions of the program defaulting to one of two settings ­ either you will really like the game, or you won’t like it at all."

Final score: 8 out of 10
"The Sims on PS2 is definitely a gem that will suck away hours upon hours of gaming time, but that is also The Sims' Achilles Heel; in order to successfully have fun with The Sims, you have to invest lots of time into the game, and playing takes a lot out of you. You'll be sucked right in soon enough, not wanting to stop, and yet, once you do stop playing, you'll be glad you did, and you'll likely even contemplate when (if ever) you'll want to start back up again, simply because of the time commitment The Sims requires. If you've got hours to burn, knock yourself out."

Final Score: 8.4 out of 10
"Well, I thought my sim lovin’ days were over, but just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in. Even after spending countless hours with The Sims on PS2 (and loving every minute of it, mind you) I can’t help but wonder what the next manifestation of The Sims will be like. The Sims 2 may very well be the death of me. Unless Maxis decides not to make the game. But they will, right?" Final score: 87%
"I loved this game, if you loved the old Sims for PC this will be one for your favorite games of 2003. They just made it a whole lot better. Everything has been inproved on and the great enw items wont let you get bored. It's fun and simple, easy to play but challenaging enough for all gammers."

Final score: 9.1 out of 10
"It's simple yet complex, well explained, and entirely unusual for the PS2. There is nothing like it on this system, and for that very reason it's worth picking up, but luckily it's an excellent game entirely worth your while on every other level. Even if it's not your cup of tea, it's worth a spin cause you can pretty much make your Sims do anything...which is in itself quite alluring."

Final score: 8.0 out of 10 (Overall score - not an average)
"The fact that this game is more addictive than tobacco, which is really addictive, at least that’s what the Truth commercials tell me, you will have so much replay time on this game. It doesn’t matter if you play it 20 times in a row, something will always be different, it’s all based on the career path and the friends you pick. Tons of un-lockable items, like accessories and additional clothing for create-a-sim. This game is defiantly worth 50 bucks, if you are a Sims fan at least. If you already own this game on the PC, there isn’t much difference in this version, except it’s made to work on the console. If you don’t own a PS2, this game is not a reason to buy one, stick with the PC version. Rent or buy? Buy, why rent a game that you will want to play for months and months, you will just rack up late fees."

Final score: 93 out of 100
Written at 00:49 2003n Thursday 16 January 2003 by ChEeTaH.
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