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SimDay: Superstar, Console and Brazil
This week's SimDay are basically just a few links. First of all, there's a link to a small preview of the new Superstar expansion pack at Gamers.com. We already mentioned that when we returned. The other thing is an interview about The Sims on the consoles with Michael Perry:
"Yes, bringing The Sims to the console was a bit scary, because looking at The Sims on the PC, with its high-resolution 2D graphics and mouse-based interface, it was very hard to imagine how we could ever make it look good and play well on the console. We also knew that console gamers are smart game players who would not appreciate simply getting a straight port of the PC game. We decided right away that we wanted to make The Sims on the console much more than just a port."
There are 3 interesting pages to read if you're looking forward to the GameCube or X-Box version of The Sims. The interview also comes with 10 screenshots, 5 for the GameCube and the other 5 for the X-Box. You can find it all here. The last bit is about a new official site. This time, in Brazilian. It's similar to several European sites in design etc. Go here to see the Brazilian site. That's all again for the first SimDay after our relaunch. More next week.

Written at 19:27 on Thursday, 13 March 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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