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SuperStar: real or not?
The question whether a new expansion pack for The Sims is still coming or not is yet to be asked again. Even though Maxis told other sites to remove news about Superstar, it seems that EA mentioned the expansion pack in a financial conference call. In that call EA told The Sims Online wasn't doing too well (and more about the financial status of EA), but they also revealed some of the plans for The Sims Superstar which would be due this spring. It would include celebrities, and they say it's going to be the biggest expansion pack ever. However, we can't confirm anything yet, as long as there is no official announcement. Once there's more news, it'll be here. This news comes from HomeLan, you can listen to the conference yourself here.

Written at 00:22 on Saturday, 1 February 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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