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SuperStar Fake after all?
Despite earlier rumours which appeared to be true about The Sims Superstar, a new expansion pack for The Sims, it now seems to be false again. We first reported about it in December, telling a site in New Zealand had the product up as pre-order. However, the page now shows nothing related to The Sims or any possible add-on anymore. Also, Maxis has contacted our affiliate SimGateway to remove posts regarding SuperStar. Another Australian site is still showing it as pre-order, but that may be removed soon. That only leaves the question what 7th expansion pack Will Wright was talking about in a German magazine - unless that was meant ironically, like the Sums and the Sams. This makes it all quite unlikely again that The Sims Superstar will ever be seen again, but we never know. If this expansion pack isn't coming, then we might even get to see The Sims 2 in the shops by the second quarter of this year - they won't have to keep it (approximately) 6 months away from SuperStar then. However, as they will probably show it on the E3, it will be late May or else probably after the summer before The Sims 2 will actually be released. But then again, it could also become 2004... Maxis knows, we don't...

Written at 02:09 on Thursday, 9 January 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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