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SimDay: The Sims Xbox and GameCube announced
This simday contains one interesting thing, and two minor things. The less interesting ones: A link to the GameZone Review of The Sims at PS2 which we told you about a few days ago. The other thing is the TV commercial for SimCity 4 which has now been put online. You can download it from SimCity.com. You need QuickTime to view the movie. The more interesting thing is the announcement of The Sims at the GameCube and Xbox. However, we already knew this from earlier rumours. It's now been confirmed by Maxis though, and there's a press release about it. This version will likely not differ much from the PS2 version, so if you already have that, don't bother buying it for the GameCube or XBox too. According to the press release both versions of The Sims will be available in Spring 2003, so late March seems to be about right. Once we get exact release dates, we will put them in our countdown at the right side of every page at The Sims Zone. More details will probably follow soon.

Written at 22:54 on Thursday, 30 January 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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