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The Sims on GameCube and X-Box
Rumours are going that The Sims will be seen on Nintendo's GameCube and Microsoft's X-Box. You can see so by checking out this page at ESRB, the US games rating board. There's a 'The Sims' in the list of titles, which is for the PlayStation 2 (that version will be released within 2 weeks), the GameCube and the X-Box. Also, a slightly older news post at GamerWeb says that "EA's Jeff Brown hinted that we could see The Sims on Xbox, saying, 'I can't say specifically what they are, but one would infer that Madden and some of the big hits on the sports side will certainly be in the early lineup. And we're looking at Bond, Potter, and The Sims as well.'". These console versions will probably be quite like the PS2 version: 3D and a storyline. Keep an eye on TheSimsConsole.com for possible more information in the future. We'll keep you updated here too.

Written at 21:52 on Thursday, 2 January 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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