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Anniversary Week: The Sims 2 Expectations
The first extra for our birthweek comes from me - in the form of an editorial. I've been doing some guessing of what we can and cannot expect to get in The Sims 2. This game is yet unconfirmed but will quite definately come. There are even rumours of it coming out in the 2nd quarter of next year. From the looks and Gameplay I also gave other features a thought. Some are on the wish-list, some of these features were already seen in expansion packs. Take for instance gable-end roofs:
"If Andy keeps nagging enough, then we might see those in the new game. If there'll be an attic, then we'd probably also get gable-end roofs. If we're not so lucky - and to be honest I think that'll be the case - there won't be gable-end roofs in the game. Maxis shouldn't put them in the intro then though. We should wait and see if we're going to get those gable-end roofs."
It's a long article, but if you're interested in The Sims 2 then give it a read. If you have comments, post them in this news article (Members only, login if necessary). Have fun reading!

Written at 20:39 on Sunday, 17 November 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 00:35 on Monday, 18 November 2002 by Sumit (Sumit)
Edited at 22:42 on Monday, 18 November 2002 by Sumit (Sumit)
Well I don't know about 16 family members. 8 is hard enought to control :) 16 sims walking around acting like the crazy sims they are, they would most probably burn down the house spend all the money and kill off 90% of them before the first day's end :o

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