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New Poll
You've probably already seen it, if not you can still do so now: we have a new weekly poll up. Christmas is coming our way soon, so we're wondering if you think Santa will bring you anything Sims this year. Let us know by voting on the right or on the latest poll page.

Last week we asked you about the patch. It doesn't seem to fix everyone's problems. In fact, the results are all very close. Those who didn't try the patch yet are up on top though, with 17% of the votes, which are 30 of 176 votes. Second are the 28 who said they don't need it, followed very closely by the 27 who don't have the Sims 2 to patch. Then there's a little gap closed by the 21 (12%) who say all the problems are solved. Tied are 18 who said most problems are gone, and another 18 who are having some different problems, not really Sims-related. The final three are "not all but some" with 16 votes (9%), "It doesn't solve anything" with 12 votes (7%) and finally there are 6 (3.4%) who claim only a few problems have been solved, but far from all of them. Lost the overview? Then check out the results page.

Written at 21:10 on Thursday, 9 December 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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