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Does the Sims 2 patch fix your problems?
Yes! They're all gone!
11.93% (21)
Most of them, especially the annoying ones.
10.23% (18)
Not all, but some things I had problems with are fixed
9.09% (16)
Only a few issues, but far from everything.
3.41% (6)
It doesn't solve anything!
6.82% (12)
Haven't tried it yet. Where can I get it?
17.05% (30)
I don't want/need it. I have no problems with the Sims 2 without the patch.
15.91% (28)
Well, my wife still hates me and the children are brats, I won't get anything from Santa... Oh wait... You're talking about problems with the Sims 2, aren't you?
10.23% (18)
I guess I'd need the Sims 2 for it as well? Don't have it, so I can't really answer this...
15.34% (27)
176 people have voted.

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