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Sims 2 News: Patch, Guide and more Articles [Update: New cheats and more]
Maxis has announced a patch for the Sims 2 is in the works. On the official BBS, MaxoidLucky made a post announcing it. They're viewing the board and getting reports in from tech support, and Maxis is now compiling a list of things to address in the first patch. There will be a form on the official website this week, in which you can enter details of problems you're having with the game, so they can be resolved and addressed. For more information, see the patch post.

For the other news, click the Read More link below (or just read on)...

GameSpot has posted a few things recently. First of all there's an interview with Burnie Burns, from The Strangerhood. "Red vs Blue" is discussed, but of course the new series of the Strangerhood is as well. Read it for the details. If you'd rather just play the game yourself, and want some more help with it, then GameSpot has a Game Guide for you. It helps you with almost every aspect of the game. If you don't want to buy Prima's official guide, which is still available in our shop, then this might be a nice alternative. GameSpot Complete members can download the guide in PDF format as well, ready to be printed so you can have it right next to you as you play the game. For more, see the guide.

Furthermore, The Sims 2 got "a massive 32% of the vote for Fave Computer Game" in CBBC's weekly charts. For more information about those charts, read this article. But there is more to read: As you can see things seem to be quieting down a little, but nevertheless we'll keep you up-to-date with the latest news. You can find a list of all reviews we've found so far in our Sims 2 Review Index.

[Update 15:30] Two new cheats have been found. One, intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims X changes the number of Sims you can invite to parties to X, and boolProp snapObjectsToGrid [true/false] allows you to put objects off the grid. For more information, visit our cheats page. Furthermore, a hidden site has been found as part of the official one. It allows you to send a greeting card to a friend, for any reason. For more see the A Llama in Every Home page. Thanks to SnootySims for finding these.
Written at 16:23 on Sunday, 3 October 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 21:03 on Sunday, 3 October 2004 by Dannny (Danio)
Will the Sims2 game ever be available for playstation2? When will it come out if it is possible for it to come out on console?

Ta Ta For Now

Written at 21:18 on Sunday, 3 October 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
"Next week there will be a form on the website for The Sims 2 that will allow you to enter in your information in order to help us track down and reproduce issues. "

Wonder if it'll go the same way as the Bartender Waylon bug which has never been fixed because, surprise surprise, Maxis couldn't reproduce it.

I've got a list of bugs and "features" in The Sims 2 collceted from usenet. Be interesting to see how many of those get sorted. Including this wierd "feature" I picked up today:

Newborn babies in Sims2 can apparently log onto the computer. Likewise, one computer allows all eight household members to be online at the same time. Obviously you'll only see this abnormality from another house.

Written at 21:26 on Sunday, 3 October 2004 by Hayley (girlygirl09)
what's the Bartender Waylon bug?

Written at 21:42 on Sunday, 3 October 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
The bartender Waylon bug is the one where you install Superstar after Hot Date, and Waylon is promoted to superstar status.

The only problem is, he turns up in Studio Town and doesn't do anything except hold up the traffic.

Written at 02:37 on Monday, 4 October 2004 by Ashley (freaky_grrl)
Bartender Waylon makes me so mad. Gah.
I can't see why Sims2 would come out on Console, that's why we're getting the Urbz. The more "goal oriented" Sims games work better on console.

Written at 10:06 on Saturday, 9 October 2004 by King_of_Town
Alright, i gots this crazy problem where some of the textures are replaced by senseless jib-jab that looks like some sort of coding, and when i try to create a character the program crashes. Does anybody have this same problem, or know how to fix it?
i have an ATI 9600PRO 256 Mb video card(with the latest drivers), 2.8 Ghz Pentium 4 processor, Windows XP Home w/ service pack 1a.

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