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Cheats - The Sims 2
These are the cheats for the Sims 2, as far as they're known so far. To enter these, you must first press and hold Control and Shift, and then press C (then release the buttons). This will open the cheat console, in which you can type all the cheats. They all should be followed by Enter. Note that some cheats will only work in certain areas of the game, we've separated them that way below. In some cases the cheat might take effect, but won't be visible or usuable in the area you're in.

To repeat a previous cheat, press the Up arrow on your keyboard until the cheat you want to use again is filled in. You can press the Tab button to complete a cheat, but this only works for cheats listed in the Help cheat. Press the Escape button, or Control, Shift and C again, to close the window (or use the Exit or Hide cheat).

In some cases cheats take parameters. These can be found here in square brackets, e.g. [on|off] means you have to type either on or off (without the square brackets). For numbers, they are listed as (example) [0-1], which means you can enter any number between 0 and 1 (where digits can be used, e.g. 0.5 is a valid number, without the square brackets). If you enter something that's not a valid number here, 0 will be assumed as default. Other parameters with a name will be explained in the description of the cheat.

Another small note about parameters: often on, true and 1 are synonyms, as well as off, false and 0, meaning you can use either of those as parameter. However, something like on and -on are not considered the same.

The Sims Zone is not responsible for the lack of fun or any damage caused by using these cheats, so use them at your own risk.
General Cheats
These cheats can be entered anywhere while running the game:

Code(s): Explanation:
help [pattern] [-all] or h [pattern] [-all] or ? [pattern] [-all] List a number of (not all!) cheats. Pattern is an optional parameter, if used only cheats matching the pattern will be listed. The asterisk character (*) is a wildcard for multiple characters, ? can be used as wildcard for any single character. Optional parameter -all lists the base parser commands as well as the cheats (does not list all possible cheats).
expand or x Expands or contracts the cheat console, so you can see a log and output.
clear Clear the cheat log window.
exit or hide Close the cheat console.
autoPatch [-on|-off] Turn on or off checking for updates for the game. Default: on.
floatProp horzEdgeScrollrate [X] Change the horizontal scroll speed when the mouse is on the edge of the screen. Decimals allowed. Default: X: 0.5.
floatProp vertEdgeScrollrate [X] Change the vertical scroll speed when the mouse is on the edge of the screen. Decimals allowed. Default: X: 0.5.
Graphics Options
With these cheats you can change some hidden graphics options:

Code(s): Explanation:
vSync [on|off] Enable or disable vertical sync. Disabling this may improve performance, but cause graphical errors (artifacts) to show. Default: on.
boolProp simShadows [true|false] Show shadows of Sims. Default: true.
floatProp particleDensity [X] The density of particles, like damp above a plate. Lower is better on low-end systems, 0 to turn damp effects off. Decimals allowed. Default: X: 1.0.
floatProp particleScale [X] The size of particles, like damp above a plate. 0 to turn damp effects off. Decimals allowed. Default: X: 1.0.
boolprop nhoodWaterReflection [true|false] Show reflection of water in the neighborhood view. Default: true.
boolprop chooseCameraSpecialEventEnabled [true|false] Enable or disable special movie sequences. With false, the graphical quality might be a bit lower, but the performance of the game might be better. Default: true.
boolprop simpleTerrain [true|false] When off, the details of houses and the terrain will be higher. Depending on your system this may help improve graphical quality, but you might lose some performance. Default: false.
Neighborhood Cheats
These cheats are only useful in the neighborhood view:

Code(s): Explanation:
terrainType [temperate|desert] Change the terrain type of the neighborhood to either temperate or desert.
deleteAllCharacters Delete all Sims in the neighborhood.
faceBlendLimits [-on|-off] Turns on / off facial blending limits. Having it off prevents the normal corrections the game will make for two parents with very different facial structures, which can result in very unusual children. Default: on. Enter while making a child in Create-A-Family mode. Default: on.
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims [X] Changes the limit of the maximum amount of invitations for a party to X sims. X must be positive. Note: game performance might be bad if you inivite too many Sims. The default limit is there for a reason!
boolProp carsOnRight [true|false] If set to true, cars in the neighborhood will drive on the right side of the road. Default: false.
boolProp ShowLotPackageFilename [true|false] Show the filename of the selected lot in the neighborhood view. Default: false.
Family Cheats
These cheats can be used when playing a family:

Code(s): Explanation:
kaching Get §1,000 (money).
motherLode Get §50,000 (money).
aging [-on|-off] Enable/Disable aging of Sims. If turned off, the age bar will still be shown, but the Sims in the family will no longer age. Default: on.
moveObjects [on|off] Allow moving or deleting of objects that you normally cannot touch. May cause problems in the game! Default: off.
stretchSkeleton [Factor] Stretch the skeleton of the selected Sim by Factor. Factor is the scale, where a number smaller than 1 will make the sim shorter, and a number greater than 1 will make them taller. 1 indicates no stretch, and e.g. 0.5 will make a sim half the normal size, and factor 2 twice the normal size. May cause animations to look odd, and any value smaller than .0000002 will crash the game. Default: Factor: 1.0
slowMotion [0-8] Create a slow-motion effect, with 8 being the slowest and 0 being the fastest (normal) speed. Default: 0.
boolProp snapOpbjectsToGrid [true|false] If turned off, you can place objects off the grid. Note that doors and windows may not be placed properly while off (false). Default: true.
intProp censorGridSize [X] Set the size of the censor grid. The grid will contain X by X squares (X wide, X high). Setting X to 0 will turn off the grid, high values for X might cause graphical errors. X is limited from 0-92. Default: X: 8.
Film Cheats
Use these cheats for filmic effects, useful when creating videos (or just for fun). They can be entered anywhere in the game:

Code(s): Explanation:
boolprop enablepostprocessing [true|false] Enable or Disable filmic effects cheats. This has to be on (true) for the other cheats below to function. Default: false.
bloom [Red] [Green] [Blue] [X] Add a bloom effect. Red, Green and Blue are the color values (all between 0 and 1), and X is the amount of blooming. Default: Red: 0.1, Green: 0.1, Blue: 0.1, X: 1.
vignette [CenterX] [CenterY] [X] Creates a vignette effect (focussed center with blurry borders). CenterX and CenterY are the coordinates from the top-left corner of the center to keep sharp (both between 0 and 1, with 0,0 being the top-left corner and 1,1 the bottom-right corner. 0.5,0.5 is the center of the screen). X is the amount of blurring (between 0 and 1). Default: CenterX: 0, CenterY: 0, X: 0.
filmGrain [X] Create a filmic grain effect. X is a value from 0-1, and defines the intensity of the effect. Default: X: 0.
letterBox [X] Creates a filmic letterbox effect (adding black borders at the top and bottom of the screen). X is a value from 0.0-0.4, and defines the size of the borders. Default: X: 0.0.
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