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SimDay / Sims 2 Update
This week's SimDay is - of course - full of Sims 2 news. There is a "new" cheat (which we had already on the list, but with vague explanation): faceBlendLimits [-on/-off]. It will make children you create in Create-A-Family look better, if the parents have very different facial structures. For details, visit our cheats page. Furthermore, there is a link to a special photo album, namely a tutorial to create basements. There's an advanced method (the link on the official site is currently broken, but this is the right one) and somewhat easier is the regular version. Join Billy and Beccy Basement, who show you how to create basements in the Sims 2.

Finally, there's a bunch of new articles (of which only one, the BBC interview, is mentioned on the official site. Click the links below to read all the articles. There are quite a few reviews between them, but from non-gaming sites and without rating (except the FileFront one). Besides that there are 2 interviews to read. Enjoy: That's all for SimDay this week.

Written at 01:34 on Friday, 24 September 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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