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Merry Christmas
On behalf of everybody from The Sims Zone, I want to wish everybody a merry (and white) Christmas. Don't forget about your Sims, but don't spend too much time with them either :-) If you're going to get any presents, let's hope it's Makin' Magic, Bustin' Out or anything else Sims-related. Our 'present' to you are several new extras. The first one is a complete career index of ALL the careers in The Sims 1 and its expansions. You can now get more info about every career in high detail, including job descriptions, requirements, working times, and mood change per hour. And of course the salary... You can get in by clicking here. Some of the careers have been in the index for quite a while, but the last ones weren't added until a few days ago. Besides that, we've finally added a few review indexes, which contain links to many reviews we've found on the internet of the recently released games. Click the names below to go to the index for each game: I want to thank GameRankings, ToTheGame and SimsZone.de for providing the many links to all the reviews. You can always access these review indexes, as well as the career index, through our Extras section.

Written at 02:35 on Wednesday, 24 December 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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