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Just like many other SimDays, this one has a few links to articles again. However, we've discussed them all already. This week there are 2: the Bustin' Out (GBA) interview with Virginia McArthur at IGN, and the third designer diary at GameSpot. Besides that, there's (still) the news about the chat tonight with Jonathan Knight. There's also something we expected: the second Double Deluxe Object pack. That's the second download with new objects from Double Deluxe. You can get it from Get Cool Stuff, where you can also get the first pack that was released last week. The new pack contains 8 objects including African and Asian house objects. Finally, there's something more about Fansites: There was a chat last week about Maxis hosting fansites. Now there's something that's just for the links: Webmasters have to re-add their site to the list. However, now you'll have more control over the link, plus you can add a description to it. You need to be product registered and logged in to be able to add your site. For a list of fansites, or to submit yours to the official site, click here.

Written at 10:57 on Thursday, 25 September 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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