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Screenshot update
Several new screenshots have been posted recently, including quite a few from Bustin' Out on the GBA. But first 2 screenshots of Makin' Magic: they're rather small, but not too bad. They're from EAGames.com, and you can find them on the Makin' Magic page. More screenshots come from the official UK site of The Sims. These are 3 shots of Bustin' Out on the GBA. You can see those new ones, and of course several older pics, at this page. Finally, IGN has posted an interview with Virginia McArthur from Maxis. Here's a snippet about making money:
"There is also a whole new way to earn money on the GBA: you can play mini-games! Your Sim can visit several mini-game locations, where you can play games to earn Simoleons. Depending on the skills of your Sims and the number of their friends, you make even more Simoleons each time you play the games."
They also talk about a GBA-to-GBA connection, which will be included as well as the GBA-to-GameCube connection feature. Connecting two GBA's will unlock the "Paradise Island" location, which can become a second home for your Sim. Trading items with other Sims or even an "auction" system will also be available. All that new info comes with 2 screenshots, which are here. The interview itself, divided over 2 pages, is right here.

Written at 18:43 on Sunday, 21 September 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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