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This SimDay comes with a few things we've seen before. First of all, there's the Sims 2 system survey that was posted and hidden again on SimDay 3 July. The survey - completely automated - sends some information about your computer to Maxis anonymously. That way, they can adjust The Sims 2 to make it run on (most) computers The Sims players have. To take the survey, click here. Next there's the official Sims 2 trailer that shows the several generations that we've seen several times before too. You can download it in Mpeg format, 32 Mb, from this page. Next there's the Gamers' Temple Interview about Makin' Magic discussed by Stash earlier this week. That brings us to the final 2 links already. First, there's now an about page of The Sims Double Deluxe, which replaces the old Deluxe one. Just click here to see it. And finally, as Maxis promised last week, part 2 of the Q&A of Makin' Magic. It answers questions posted on the BBS about Makin' Magic. It's all right here. Last week's questions (and answers) are on this page. More SimDay again next week!

Written at 15:54 on Thursday, 11 September 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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