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Gamers Temple's Interview with Jonathan Knight
GamersTemple.com has posted a new interviewed "Makin' Magic" game designer Jonathan Knight. It tells us a lot about the game, like magic, dragons, magic town, roller coasters, creepy hollow, new characters, objects, and more. The interview is very nice, and must read for anyone interested in the game. The interivew is 4 pages long, and gives us great details of how the new objects and gameplay will work. To read the whole article click here.

GT: One of the new objects for the home is the Dragon Nest. Will players need Unleashed to hatch a pet dragon? How big will the dragon grow and will it set fire to everything?
JK: No, you do not need Unleashed to enjoy the pet dragon. Just buy the Dragon Nest (egg included) at Magic Town, bring it home, and take care of it. Depending on how well you care for the egg, different dragon personalities may emerge from the egg. Some personalities are more, well, fiery than others.

GT: Will Magic Town be a separate location similar to Downtown or Studio Town?
JK: A little bit of both. Like Downtown or Studio Town, it’s a new and fully customizable location. However, Magic Town is unique in two ways. First, you can either take the whole family there, or you can opt to just take a single Sim. And most importantly, Magic Town is the first location with additional residential lots, which can be earned through gameplay. Experienced magic Sims will be able to move into one of three brand new residential lots in the exclusive “Creepy Hollow” section of Magic Town.

Written at 07:02 on Sunday, 7 September 2003 by Stash.

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