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This SimDay comes with several things. So let's start: first of all, there's a Q&A about Makin' Magic (and Double Deluxe), which answers several questions asked on the BBS. It doesn't really reveal anything new, but for those interested here's the link. Talking about the BBS: Maxis has introduced the "Thread of the Day". Every day a topic will be picked by Maxis where their employees will be participating in. It's all at the official site's BBS. They also come with the news that the chat will no longer be on the official site, as the client will be unsupported by the manufacturer. They point to several other chatrooms on fansites, as well as the "Off-topic" board on the BBS. Finally, there are 2 links to articles. One we've already discussed earlier: the Developer's Diary for Bustin' Out. You can find it right here at GameSpot. The other article comes from Time Magazine, and is about The Sims 2. It's mainly about Will Wright "Reinventing The Sims". Nice to read, but it doesn't bring anything new about the game. Click here to read it.

Written at 22:04 on Thursday, 4 September 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 00:00 on Friday, 5 September 2003 by Sumit (Sumit)
Well there is a little tip on the end of the Time magazine article of "SimEverything" which is Wright's next project, where you bond molecules to eventually create a Galactic Empire.

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