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New Sims 2 video
Gamers Hell has posted a 12 minute video of The Sims 2 a few days ago. It shows a lot of in-game footage, but unfortunately the quality - both sound and video - isn't too great. The in-game stuff is quite much like what we saw in the Fragland video interview. There's a lot of noise in the background from other games, like James Bond which can quite obviously be recognised at some point in the movie. We again see the hot-tub scene where a sim gets electrocuted by lightning. We also see some more of the create-a-sim and the genetics. The video has a voice-over from a Maxis Producer. Unfortunately, due to all the noise, it's not easy to understand all of it. It comes from the Game Convention held in Germany a while ago. You can download the video (68 Mb) from this page. It requires Windows Media Player 9 (or the WMP 9 Codecs).

Written at 17:28 on Tuesday, 2 September 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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