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The Sims 2 interview
An interview with Margaret Ng, producer of The Sims 2.0, has appeared at FragLand. It's a video-interview that's a whopping 86 Mb big. Unfortunately that's too big for me to download right now with my 56k modem, so I can't give you many details. However, thanks to SimsZone.de I can tell you that it'll show some floating in the hot tub and some rain. There are also some ingame examples of how Sims will interact socially. The whole interview contains several in-game shots like these. You can get it from this page.

Written at 00:49 on Tuesday, 3 June 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 04:48 on Tuesday, 3 June 2003 by Dj (DjTSX)
lol... Blues News is a wonder, that is how I got it so early on The Sims X (thesimsx.com). Very nice, and gives a ton of information, and you can see M.N. actually playing the game.

Written at 05:57 on Tuesday, 3 June 2003 by Sumit (Sumit)
I've seen the video, any sim fan MUST download. She shows how the sims 2 works.

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