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Superstar reviews
The next expansion has already been announced and there are still reviews of Superstar popping up. We've spotted 2 more: this one from FragLand, and another one from Gamers Pulse. They both rate it quite well, and about the same too: 73.5% at Fragland (that review does have a few mistakes in it (good-humoured instead of in a good mood for instance), but since English isn't the writer's primary language that doesn't matter), and 38 out of 50 (would be 76% if you convert it) points from Gamers Pulse. However, they don't mention the sluggish scrolling and many bugs other reviews mentioned. They do comment on the outdated graphics, which are now over 3 years old. To read the Fragland review, click here, the Gamers Pulse one can be found right here. For more reviews, check out our Superstar review index.

Written at 23:28 on Friday, 11 July 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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