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Superstar Reviews
In Superstar your Sims can become celebrities or fans - whatever you want. It's the sixth expansion for The Sims, and probably not even the last one. If you want to know more about Superstar, then you can read in the reviews mentioned below. Click the site's title link to read the review. Then, decide whether you think this expansion is worth it or not.
"The thing about The Sims is you either love it or hate it. For avid Sims gamers, The Sims Superstar addon pack is a valid source for extra solid gameplay, it offers a few extra goodies and an entirely new aspect to world of The Sims, however if you never took a liking to the original Sims then Superstar most probably won't change your mind. As with most addon packs, The Sims Superstar is a worthy purchase for the fans who already have the original, but it doesn't warrant a new gamer going out and buying the original just so they can play it."

Final score: 8.0 out of 10
"Until 2004, we can still have some fun with The Sims Superstar expansion pack and try to become more famous than Brad Pitt or Eminem, at least in the Studio Town. With one new rich location and a lot of opportunities to enter show-business, playing Superstar can be an interesting venture. Those of you who would like to see something new, and are not really hard core Sims - expansion-pack players (and preferably, not even interested in show-business), can wait for the beginning of the next year and The Sims 2. As for the fans, they have to buy this expansion pack… well, what are you waiting for?"

Final score: 77 out of 100
"The sad thing is that Superstar stands up as one of the best expansions for The Sims, but as the latest in a series of six it's about as exciting as news of another Friday the 13th sequel. Although it's obvious that Maxis still has ideas (what with another expansion planned for the end of the year, and a true sequel thereafter), our patience is wearing thin, and even at £15 the cynical Superstar isn't glamorous enough to light up our lives. Buy it if you still play The Sims."

Final score: 5 out of 10
"To end this review, I’d like to say that The Sims Superstar deserves the title of a worthy The Sims expansion but after a while you realise that not that much has changed. I was addicted once again to the Sims for about 10-15 hours, which proves Maxis still got the magic touch. Players older than 7 years can enjoy once more of the very good gameplay that the Sims offers you! Up to The Sims 2.0!"

Final score: 73.5%
"Sims: Superstar is a lot of fun to play and has its tongue firmly planted in cheek. Novices might find the intense micromanagement early a tad off putting but those willing to stick at it will be sucked into the Sims universe. If you’re a Sims fan who has been a tad disappointed with the latest expansions, then fear not, Superstar is a worthy addition and will keep you tied over till the arrival of Sims 2."

Final score: 83%
"SIMS Superstar adds a whole new work ethic to the SIMS, one of lavish Hollywood Glitz and glamour. Although there is not a lot of additional material beyond the Superstar job duties and goodies Superstar is a lot of fun to play and does add a new flavor to the lives of your average every day Joe SIM. For those of you looking for that next adventure for your SIMS then Superstar is a must have expansion."

Final score: 38 out of 50
"While Superstar doesn't address the issues that have been with The Sims since the beginning such as painfully slow zooming and scrolling, it does add quite a bit of new play to the game. As long as you're patient and realize that there's no quick road to fame, you'll probably find yourself enjoying the game. In the end, this game has been rated: 87%. Superstar is a supercharged expansion for sims seeking the spotlight. You've really got to want it though, as achieving superstar status takes quite a bit of work."

Final score: 87 out of 100
"It almost seems pointless by now to mention that The Sims: Superstar, like all the other expansion packs, doesn't bother to address the annoying problems that have plagued The Sims ever since 2000. The game's scrolling camera is as sluggish as ever, the pathfinding is still unreliable. And as usual, your sims will still occasionally "forget" the instructions you give them. This can be especially frustrating when another celebrity sim tries to speak to you to increase your fame while you're in the middle of something else. In these instances, the celebrities will seemingly "forget" to speak with you the instant your sim becomes available. And unfortunately, Superstar shipped with a few bizarre crash problems. At least some of them can be fixed by adjusting your AGP graphics settings or running the game in a window, though hopefully Maxis will release a patch for the expansion. Still, like the other expansion packs, Superstar was never intended to fix any of the original game's flaws. Instead, it adds lots of interesting and challenging new stuff that should keep any fan of The Sims busy for some time."

Final score: 8.0 out of 10.
"Even if you're eagerly awaiting The Sims 2, you'll find plenty of reasons to pick up the Superstar expansion pack. Over a hundred and fifty new objects, new interactions and actions, and a tongue-in-cheek look into the world of entertainment make The Sims: Superstar the best expansion yet."

Final score: 8.7 out of 10
"Superstar does a better job than Unleashed at introducing a solid new gameplay experience to a game that finds itself harder to find new things to do with. While I blame the success of these expansion packs for delaying my Sims 2 fix, I nonetheless find myself giving this the thumbs up for purchase. The game comes highly recommended for both old standby fans as well as new users enticed by the recent release of Sims Deluxe, and when it’s as low as $20, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. Go pick it up, then hit on Andy Warhol. The virtual Andy Warhol…"

Final score: 8 out of 10
"For the most part, however, I was enjoying it for the same reasons I enjoyed it the first time – rather than for Studio Town and the celebrity focus. In short, Superstar is a fun diversion, worthy to be called a Sims expansion pack, and offers tons of new items and things to do. Anyone who has purchased the previous five expansions will enjoy it, but if you like to play the game collecting items more than micromanaging your Sim every second of his/her life, you won’t find yourself in Studio Town too often or chasing down the celebrity careers. But you can always bring the Karaoke bar to your house."

Final score: 7.4 out of 10
"I suggest this game to all gamers who just have a couple afternoons to waste and want something to do. This game gets very addicting! But, if you are okay with this, then play on! Maxis went through a lot of effort to create this game and it has shown. The communications between Sims, the new items that can be purchased for the house, the new costumes that can be purchased, posters for sale, and become famous? Maxis has thought of it all. This game goes high up on my list of favorites for awhile. "

Final score: 9.0 out of 10
"In the end, this expansion will be as desirable and enjoyable as any offered so far. Even so, each new expansion only makes us long for the true sequel even more. Until that comes along, Superstar is a great way to fill the days."

Final score: 8.3 out of 10
""The Sims: Superstar" is as close to a full-blown sequel as we've seen to the original "Sims," and is sure to hold most gamers over until 2004. More immediately enjoyable than "The Sims: Online," it's the type of open-ended game you can intensely play over time or just spend a few hours with here and there. With its emphasis on a more linear and fleshed-out career path, it may even win over some gamers who have been skeptical of the series. Regardless, "The Sims: Superstar" is another solid addition to the series, and it's sure to keep some of the die-hard fans living like shut-ins for months to come."

Final score: 4 out of 5 stars
"Everything else in the game is the same, and let me tell you that if you are new to the game, you have to buy it with all the expansion packs to get the most out of it. Superstar is a nice new experience in The Sims, I highly recommend it."

Final score: 8.3 out of 10
Written at 00:39 2003n Wednesday 28 May 2003 by ChEeTaH.
Last updated at 23:34 2003n Friday 11 July 2003.

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