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Superstar Review (with more Spellbound confirmation)
The European site EuroGamer has posted a review of Superstar. It's one like we've seen many, but it reveals a small bit about Spellbound, which will probably be expansion 7:
"The sad thing is that Superstar stands up as one of the best expansions for The Sims, but as the latest in a series of six it's about as exciting as news of another Friday the 13th sequel. Although it's obvious that Maxis still has ideas (what with another expansion planned for the end of the year, and a true sequel thereafter), our patience is wearing thin, and even at £15 the cynical Superstar isn't glamorous enough to light up our lives. Buy it if you still play The Sims."
The review itself is not too great, especially one sentence that's a bit odd and proves of bad (or no) research done: they say "If you're an avid Sims follower, then you'll probably count The Sims Bustin' Out, Hot Date, House Party, Livin' It Up, On Holiday and Unleashed amongst the possessions dotted around your frequently rearranged, sick, urine and fly-covered abode". Besides it'd be more logical to put the expansion packs in the order of release, Bustin' Out isn't yet released (and won't be until 2004). The review isn't too in-depth, and could probably be the worst one so far. The rating is definately the lowest so far: the game scores just 5 out of 10. Click here to read the whole review, or here for more reviews.

Written at 02:54 on Friday, 13 June 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 05:14 on Friday, 13 June 2003 by Lisa (cherrybarb100)
This reveiw,... was the funnest I have read in a long time..and all of it so true! Keep up the good work!
I look forward to sims 2..hopefully it will give the game a new interest in playing it.

Cherry (Sims addict)

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