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TSZ 1.5 years old, newspost #1000
It's taken us a long time, but this is exactly number thousand of all the newsposts we've written during the existence of The Sims Zone (exactly 18 months today too!). Although not all of them are available anymore (some were deleted, some were to test our software - there are still 925 articles in our database), we have actually written 1000 posts now (including this one) - that does not include the old articles from TheSimsFusion, which we were known as until April 2001. It's a nice milestone to achieve. We're ready for the next 1000 newsposts, and the next 18 months... And after that? We'll try to double it again then :-) Oh, and if you're wondering what our first newspost over here was: follow this link.

Written at 20:37 on Saturday, 17 May 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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