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Okay, when I'm playing my game every thing is going just fine then all of the sudden my game goes back to the desktop. Does anybody know why this is happening? Thanks in advance.
Asked at 03:05 on Friday 2 December 2005 by rick (dog134) Report this Question

5 Answers
I'm not sure but the disc might be scratched or it could be a problam with your PC
Answered at 00:33 on Friday 13 January 2006 by Amy Tarbret (Tay_Girl)
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if you installed any objects that
could be the cause or if you downloaded a house that has a
bad objects in it i would check both
Answered at 23:19 on Monday 6 March 2006 by Dennis V argason (dennis53)
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I've had this problem before, and I eventually decided to try something of my own. I'm thinking one of the files in the UserData is corrupted, because when I replaced it with a different one everything worked.

NOTE: I only suggest this if you start to find that your game crashes after hovering your mouse over certain lots in the neighborhood map, as was the case with mine. If you don't already have the update, I suggest getting it from The Sims official website first. It didn't fix my problems, but it could fix yours. Otherwise, try this.

1.) Install The Sims and all other expansion packs you have before Unleashed.
2.) After installation, in C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims (or wherever your Sims folder is) locate your UserData folders(UserData, UserData2, UserData3, etc.) and copy them.
3.) Paste them somewhere else (I used My Documents).
4.) Install Unleashed.
*If you don't feel safe completely replacing your UserData folders from Unleashed, then you can make a copy the same way you made one earlier(I did).
5.) Copy/Cut the copies you made of UserData and paste them in The Sims folder when installation is completed. When asked if you want to replace the folders, select Yes.
*You may want to download the patch from The Sims official website afterwards.

It should work, it did for me. I haven't noticed any side effects or problems so far, but I've only had it fixed for a short while so there could be. If you do experience any problems, then simply replace the UserData folders with the ones you copied after installing Unleashed. Hope this helps everyone else out there.
Answered at 04:49 on Monday 26 June 2006 by toomuchxstereo
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you might be hitting the button between ctrl and alt which is the little windows button
Answered at 22:07 on Monday 26 June 2006 by Evana (kittycat88)
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It's not enough memory. Set your system to the maximum swap/page size possible.
Answered at 23:24 on Monday 31 July 2006 by Mary Cochran (meatloaf)
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