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How do u keep strays off your lot?
Asked at 00:20 on Monday 29 August 2005 by Amanda (shine137) Report this Question

8 Answers
A two second search would have found your answer already on here:
Answered at 14:28 on Monday 29 August 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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Strays are easily kept off by buying a "Stray-Away Pet Prevention System." It looks like a sign with a line through a dog, and when dogs and cats see it they get a little thought bubble with the sign, realize it says "No Pets!" and run off...how exactly can they read??
Answered at 21:32 on Friday 28 October 2005 by Black_Cat_13
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i think you get it in decorations or go on micheleloues and go to pets bit
Answered at 14:15 on Saturday 2 December 2006 by Andrew (frank21)
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Answered at 10:26 on Friday 26 August 2011 by 2daydiet
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Answered at 10:13 on Monday 5 September 2011 by georgexu (kathyxu)
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Answered at 03:47 on Monday 14 October 2013 by django (django)
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Answered at 08:50 on Wednesday 19 March 2014 by orette
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