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New Careers
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We have looked in detail at the ten different hobbies, found out about what can predestine sims to be better at one hobby than another and at what interests or skills may be beneficial for them to increase their enthusiasm.

In this part, we look at five new career tracks that have come with this expansion pack and the two new talent badges.


Required Skills - Logic (Serious), Creativity (Playful), Mechanical

Starting from helping to mix cement to becoming a City Planner, this is a career track I find interesting, perhaps harking back to a childhood dream of being an architect.

It comes with a drafting table as a reward object. The object helps improve a sim's creativity and allows sims to produce blueprints or make technical drawings from custom pictures or scenes, captured in the same way that you take a snapshot. Whereas previous pics were always portrait, these always come in landscape.

It might just be me but I noticed what seemed to be a glitch. After my architect sim created a few blueprints, I found that every snapshot I normally take of my families were in this greyscale technical drawing format. The attached picture is an example.


Required Skills - Body (Active), Creativity (Playful), Charisma (Outgoing)

Whether you intend to be the next Darcy Bussell or Wayne Sleep, this is the career track for you. With new leotards for men and women and a barre to practice at, while also gradually improving your body skill, this career track takes you up the ladder to be a World Class ballet dancer at the very top. Tamara Harper followed this career path.

The career reward is a De Luxe barre that allows more than one sim at a time to use it. Otherwise, it seems to function in the same way as a normal barre. Wow.


Required Skills - Body (Active), Creativity (Playful), Charisma (Outgoing)

This career track may appear familiar to those of you who have played "Life Stories" as two new career tracks were included and one like this one was included. This is not the same track as some of the job titles have been changed but it is nevertheless similar. Rising through the ranks from being a stand-up comic to being a Prestigitator in Simmywood is not an easy task. On the right, we have Isaac Bell, who is a resident of Desiderata Valley and is a mime.

The reward object is a Star, which gives a boost to a sim's moods because after all is considered, who wouldn't feel brighter in the presence of a star?

Urghh, let me assure you that the previous pun was unintended.


Required Skills - Logic (Serious), Mechanical, Cleaning (Neat)

Although not quite the world of James Bond or an MI5 spook, this career track does have certain twists and turns in it. From being a lowly gumshoe through being a CSI and a double agent to become the Head of the SCIA is an arduous and gruelling task.

The reward object is an Audio Augmenter, which is simenclature for a parabolic microphone. This allows your sim spies to improve their Fun and Social by spying on others and eavesdropping on what they are doing. It provides random rewards, some good and some bad as not every sim likes others trying to listen in on their conversations. It does not improve any skill, but does look technical.

In fact, this all makes complete sense now. I have realised what the work of the SCIA is all about. With their Audio Augmenters, their spies are in every street, listening from house to house to hear that crunch as you take a mouthful of cornflakes, to hear the sound of a deck of cards being shuffled or even the sound of pages in a book being turned. Within seconds, this information has been relayed to their HQ who in turn relay it to the appropriate society who have your number on speed dial. That call will be coming.


Required Skills - Body (Active), Mechanical, Cleaning (Neat)

"Oceanography what?" as an aside goes from #In the Navy#. This career is of a maritime nature, from the lowliest dolphin tank cleaner to becoming the Hand of Poseidon, which is effectively being the right-hand-sim to a deity. I admit I am yet to properly work my way through this career track but it does have an attractive reward.

The reward is a carp pool, which adds a lot to the environment where your sims can watch and feed the carp for an increase in fun. Unfortunately, I don't believe that they can go fishing for carp. Sorry.

Written at 03:03 on Monday 10 March 2008 by Andy.

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