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Tropical Holiday
Waking Up In Paradise

Considering it was raining and the skies were overcast when we left Simville, it was refreshing to wake up to bright sunshine. It was peaceful having a room to ourselves and not having the kids running in and out. Giving the twins their own suite might have been more expensive, but we felt it was worth it especially as Will and I wanted a permanent souvenir of this place if you know what I mean. In this tropical paradise, we found that privacy and were able to enjoy the moment.

Yolanda had ordered herself some pancakes from room service but was still hungry. I found the twins at the foodstall tucking into a brunch of luau ribs. Will was having a bath and I chose to do some digging for treasure. I couldn't quite understand the maps but I had a feeling Captain Dregg's treasure would have been in these parts. Although it was an experience meeting him, I was not going to go back to the ship, wake him up again, have a sing-song with him and see if he'd tell me where his treasure was. Somehow, I don't think he'd be very helpful. After an hour's digging, though, all I'd come up with was another bone and a rock. Wow.

Game Notes

  • "Trying for Baby" is an option that is available in the beds, hammocks and tents. Although I have heard the first bar of "rockabybaby" on more that one occasion, I'm yet to see anybody get pregnant from having had sex on holiday.
  • "Digging for treasure" can unearth a treasure chest amongst bones, toys, stones and rocks. Apparently, you need one of the treasure maps in order to dig it up.

  • Beachlife

    Across the way from the hotel was the Twikkii Beach Boardwalk. I was keen on taking another trip with the guide but the rest of the family just wanted to have a lazy day to buy some some suitable clothes and spend a relaxing afternoon on the beach.

    Will and Yolanda both bought some new clothes. Tyler had gone swimming and afterwards chose to do some sunbathing even though it was getting quite overcast. Yolanda decided to make a sandcastle, although I doubt it would win any awards. It did look very nice, though.

    Will decided to spend the day learning some local culture. He decided he wished to learn how to do the dangerous art of "fire dancing", although his day-long efforts looked more like that of learning to be a drum major. I chatted with the locals and before long, it was almost midnight and time to return back to the hotel.

    I will have to go back there to get some jewelry and souvenirs before we go, though. Anyway, I quickly went to bed. Will chose to sleep on a hammock in the gardens. Tomorrow, we're going to look at some ruins.

    Game Notes

  • Beach Lots are a new type of lot that can be placed in the neighborhood. Part of the lot is in the water, whether it be sea or a lake or a river, and the rest is on land. Sims can swim in the water part and do various different things on the sand. They can watch the waves, sunbathe, build a sandcastle or comb for shells.
  • If you want to make more impressive sand castles, improve your creativity.
  • The Fire Dance is another important local cultural event. It costs ยง75 for lessons and a progress bar above the sim's head shows how well that they are doing. Will should now be able to dance it himself and perform in public. For those with "University" and/or Nightlife", he could even perform it for tips.

  • Written at 22:35 on Saturday 8 September 2007 by Andy.

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