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Personal Thanks

I would not have been able to write this section of the review without the help of MissWendy, who is one of our talented designers. She has helped me by also playing things out and with time and dedication has been able to get one of her sims to become a werewolf. She has taken a lot of screenshots, some of which have been edited to show things in daylight, but this is for the purpose of clarity.

I dedicate this part of the review to her and I will begin by telling you about a man named Harry Wolf.

The Quest of Harry Wolf

To anyone else, Harry Wolf just seemed to be any normal sim who went about his business in Pleasantview. However, Harry had a mission in life and he did not care how long it took. To Harry, his surname was more than a name. In his soul, it was what he was.

Gossip at the local stores was that wolves who lived in the woods had been getting bolder and some had been seen in the neighborhood itself. Even Mortimer Goth had seen one. Harry knew from the old stories about the black wolf with glowing eyes and in order to become one with the wolves, you had to gain the trust and friendship of that beast.

Also, he knew that wolves were attracted to trees, weeds and toddlers. As he did not have any children, nor did he intend to try and adopt one for this purpose, all he could do was plant more trees and not tend to his garden. After waiting for several nights, the golden eyed wolf appeared. Harry was ready.

Showing the animal love and plenty of attention worked well. Because this beast of legend was quite bouncy, Harry named him "Tigger". It took many more nights waiting up to greet "Tigger" and befriend him and gain his trust. Finally, one night, Tigger nipped Harry. The pain of the bite was worth it as Harry knew that he would himself become one of them.

Night turned into day. Another normal day for Harry. Nobody was any the wiser of what he had been doing. Darkness fell and Harry knew the time was near. At 8pm, a weird sensation overcame Harry and a strange metamorphosis took place. Harry was growing a hairy coat of his own. Harry was becoming a werewolf.

Once the transformation was complete, Harry immediately felt the urge to eat. Hungry like a wolf was now a phrase that Harry understood. Once his hunger was sated, he let out an almighty howl and summoned his four-legged brothers and sisters to his home. Throughout the darkness, Harry remained as a werewolf. As dawn approached, another metamorphosis took place and Harry reverted to his human form.

Over the next nights, Harry became acquainted with his wolfman nature and the desires that came upon him when in his new form. He was feeling stronger and fitter in himself but also less patient and also downright nastier to his fellow man. Growling at people he knew and those who were just passing terrified them. However, that was not all. Whereas it had taken Harry a labour of love to become the wolfman, he knew that he could easily pass his gift on.

Nina Caliente, who was one of Harry's good friends, was caught unawares when Harry savaged her in his wolfman state. Not knowing what had happened, this svelte beauty was herself transformed the following night into a werewolf. Now there were two but how many more would there be over the coming days and weeks?

Could Harry and Nina be stopped, or will Pleasantview always remain in fear of the werewolves?

Written at 20:55 on Sunday 29 October 2006 by Andy.

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