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A New Breed
Meet the Sheltons

Finding or becoming a werewolf is harder than it seems. While we wait for for Dr. Sim Helsing to reply to our email requesting his help, we are looking again at our uncaged pets. For this part, we are taking a break from Regras Gorge and going to the quiet Simderland community of Nalifordan.

Firstly, meet the Shelton household. This is Pamela Shelton and her two dogs Princess Bungle and Mao. Princess Bungle is a light-coated Chow-Chow and Mao is one of the last examples of a Zedong hound, which was famous as a hunting dog from the days of feudal China. In other words, Mao is an example of my playing around with "Create-A-Pet". Pamela's intentions are to get her two dogs to breed and somewhere along the way create a new breed called a Chow-Zedong.

Before we see if these two dogs can help with Pamela's dream, we'll look at more of their life together and how pets can behave.

Canine Behaviour

Pets, by nature, are territorial and can get stuck in their ways. Once they have certain behaviours, they tend to stick to them until they learn otherwise. Although neither of Pamela's pets dog is yet yard-trained, Princess Bungle chooses to go outside to have a pee and always squats by the mailbox. Good girl. Mao, on the other hand, always tends to cock his leg up and do it by the couch in the living room. Bad dog.

However, given time and the proper behavioural reinforcement, even Mao started to change his ways and began to cock his leg up against the mailbox. who's a good boy, then? Then, however, he goes and spoils it by drinking from the filthy puddle. Ewwwww.

Princess Bungle, who is generally quite a finicky dog, has taken to sleeping on Mao's Comfy Pet Pillow whereas she does have quite a salubrious Comfy Critter Pallet. Mao is a bit lost as to what to do. Dogs do not like their "things" being used by other dogs and challenges sometimes arise, often resulting in dog fights. Unlike our bipedal sims, dogs can fight even when they have a good relationship and are best friends afterwards.

When it comes to baths, Mao and Bungle are very different. Bungle enjoys her baths and will let Pamela lather her up and wash her down. Mao, on the other hand, frequently tries to get out before the bath is complete and has been told off on several occasions.


With Pets, it takes time to accept a sim as their master. Originally, they just class that sim as one of the pack but then over time, assuming they have a high enough lifetime relationship, they accept that sim as their master. When it comes to wolves, it can take a bit longer as the lifetime relationship score needs to be higher still.

Also, Pamela would like to become friends with Dominic. However, as Dominic is the mailman, she might have a problem. When it comes to the mailman, then that's a new game for your dogs. When Pamela was at work one morning, Mao and Bungle had a great time chasing Dominic around the lot. Dogs seem to have a sixth sense for when the mailman is coming and then take a delight, especially if they have an aggressive personality, in chasing him or her around the lot. When there are two dogs, then it is double trouble. So regarding Pamela becoming friends with Dominic? I don't think so.

Written at 20:55 on Sunday 29 October 2006 by Andy.

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