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Downtown & Deceased
Welcome to Downtown

For this part of the review, we are honoured to have some old friends of ours back to help us. John Cleese, Martha Stewart, Alyssa Milano and Steve Irwin, who you may remember from "Sim Brother 4", jumped at the chance to go and tour Downtown for us, visit a few of the haunts and tell us all about it.

John has agreed to tell us all about Downtown, exporting your dearly departed and people you may meet.

John - Hello, it's good to see you again. Here I am at my villa in Regras Gorge which I bought with my winnings from SB4. Tonight, I will be taking Martha downtown to Londoste's, which is a plush restaurant. Alyssa and Steve will be over the road at The Hub. Also, I will be telling you later about a group outing for the Sim Brother 4 housemates. Firstly, let me tell you about what there is Downtown.

In Downtown, you've got quite a choice of places to go. 30 places in fact. There are bowling alleys, discos, karaoke bars, quite a few restaurants and diners, several shops, at least one gym, a few parks ... and a cemetary.

Departing with the Deceased

Designated cemetaries are new and somewhat useful. Basically, they are just parks where you choose to export your deceased loved ones. If you are tired of having grandma's ghost scaring the life out of the family or transporting her urn or gravestone with you every time you move house, you can send her off to the cemetary or any community lot for that matter in the residential neighborhood, university campus (if you have EP1) or downtown. You could even have grandma's ghost scaring the night shift at the local supermarket. Also, for those "knowledge sims" who are keen to see ghosts, a cemetary is the ideal place for a group outing.

How do you do it? Mayor Doug Jones has kindly offered to show us remove his late mother's remains. You click on the dearly departed's placeholder - be that an urn or a tombstone - and you have the option to move them. The list of community lots come up, you select their "final destination" and they appear briefly to save goodbye and that's it. They're gone. The next time you visit the community lot in buy/build mode, their placeholder will be waiting for you by the kerb to properly place it. I suppose you could even build an elaborate sarcophagus or mausoleum for them. In this case, there is already one there.

Downtown Denizens

Anyway, less about the dead. Let me talk about the people who live downtown.

Downtown is the home of the downtownies. These in general are more affluent and skilled than your average townie. Your "fortune sims" who have a desire to marry a rich sim could find it to their advantage to woo a downtownie to satisfy this want. There is one type of Downtownie they should avoid, however.

The Slobs are very much as their name says. They stand out for being slobs and are generally uncouth louts. If they work at all, they only have an entry level job and all they want to do is have fun. On the left, there is a picture of how the female of the species looks with a friend who did not wish to be identified.

At the other end of the scale are the Divas. These immaculately dressed people are at the top of one of the career ladders. They are very smart and also quite picky. If a "fortune sim" can marry one of these, they should be secure for life.

Downtown is also the stalking ground of the Grand Vampires. On the right is a snapshot of one of them who was caught doing the smustle. I have no interest in becoming one. However, I am told Vampires will be looked at in detail in the next part of this review.

There are the service personnel. Striking up a good relationship with a Host or Server at a restaurant can save money on restaurant bills. You cannot interact with the cooks, however. Nor can you work in the kitchens at a restaurant. Otherwise, the other shop assistants, bartenders and baristas are very much like the other service personnel you may have met before.

The other legendary resident of downtown is the puritanical Mrs. Crumplebottom. You may remember Mrs. Crumplebottom from "Hot Date" and how she strongly disapproved of PDA's - Public Displays of Affection. As TS2 is supposedly set 25 years after TS(1), surely this cannot be the same woman. From what I have been told, she is a descendant of the original Mrs. C and has not mellowed at all. If you show affection in public to your date or whoever you are with and she sees it, you risk being hit with her handbag. She is very difficult to interact with. Apparently, she likes playing cards.

Also, playable sims can live downtown. I have been told that living downtown will be looked at in detail in a later part of this review as the usual reviewer has some things he would like to address about it.

Anyway, you have heard all about Downtown and those who live there. I have a taxi ordered to take me there. If I had a car, I could have gone in that. I will get the option to "Visit Community Lot" and will be given the choices of the community lots in my home neighborhood or the community lots that are in the downtown neighborhood. Anyway, you just scroll down the list of destinations, read the description and select where you wish to go in a manner not dissimilar to the way that Mayor Jones despatched his dearly departed mother.

Martha and I will see you later at Londostes. In the meantime, I'll pass you over to Alyssa and Steve who are already at The Hub.

Written at 04:38 on Saturday 24 September 2005 by Andy.

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