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Sims 2 Consoles/Handhelds Preview Special

Welcome to yet another special, this time for the Sims 2 on consoles (PlayStation 2, GameCube and XBox) and Handhelds (PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Dual Screen, GameBoy Advance and mobile phones). The Sims Zone has visited Maxis to get some exclusive hands-on time on these games, and only a week later we also attended the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, where the games (except on GBA) were also shown. Naturally we can't leave you any of the information we received during the events. In this special you'll find some previews of these games. All you need to do is go to the next page to find the consoles preview. The handheld versions are discussed after that.

Note that the pictures for the consoles preview in this special have been taken at the Games Convention with a digital camera. The games were shown on LCD screens which weren't of great quality. Also on some screens the actual picture may be enlarged so much on the screen, specifically on the handheld versions. Also, as the games are still in development, not everything you see might make it to the final version of the games, and some things might be incomplete. The result of these things is that the pictures may show incorrect or incomplete information, and that the quality is much lower than what you'll actually see in the games themselves. For proper screenshots, watch the official ones through our news section.

Written at 23:41 on Monday 22 August 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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